Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my dad's birthday!!!

I'm not allowed to say how old he's going to be. Let's just say he's going to be 50 again...

Look at some of his mad basketball skills from high school.

I promise he no longer wears the short shorts.

Yes, David and I still give him a hard time about those any chance we get (Dad, I'm really starting to think David is secretly jealous he doesn't have any).

Like every other parent/child relationship, ours has had it's ups and downs.

Regardless, he's an awesome dad.

In my 14 years of organized sports, I can tell you that I don't remember my dad EVER missing a game I cheered at, a track meet or track practice. He even came to every soccer game when I decided that one season I was going to be a soccer star. He coached my track team for years and I'm pretty sure if he could of, he would have coached the cheerleading team.

I'm sure your thinking lots of parents do that, but the reason it means so much to me is because my parents divorced before I was two and I lived with my mom. When I got older I realized he didn't do it for his love of sports, he didn't miss a single game or practice because it was his only way of spending the most possible time with me he could since we didn't live in the same house together on a daily basis.

And that I will forever be grateful for.

I love this picture because obviously I'm giving him the most awesome Father's Day gift ever!

Over the years, he's given me the wedding of my dreams, my love for CCR and classic rock, my road rage, my love of bread, the ability to play the air drums on the steering wheel like nobody's business, paid-n-full college tuition, the correct way to receive the most air from the windows being down on a car (remember that one dad?), and a love for stores with concrete floors.

Obviously, he's given me much more, but these are things that always make me smile and always remind me of dad.

My favorite thing about my dad is that when he loves something, he loves it with his entire being. There's no halfway. It's all or nothing. Unfortunately, I grew up seeing certain people take advantage of this quality of his, but because of it, I know that he has always loved me with that same passion. Regardless of who has come and gone throughout the years, I've never questioned his love for me.

He's one of those people that deserves so much more than he gives himself credit for.

Last year his 50th birthday got overshadowed by a little someone being born just a week before. I'm pretty sure though he didn't mind.

That's the kind of dad/grandpa he is.

Happy Birthday dad! I hope you have a great day today and cannot wait to celebrate it with you tomorrow! I promise this year to not "scare the hell out of you!!" Thanks for all you've done and still do for us. I would have never made it where I am today without you. Even though we don't talk every day, I want you to know I'm always thinking about you. I love you so much and so grateful to have you for my dad!

Oh...."and personally I never found you quite funny, more intellectual."


Tristan said…
aw...this was so sweet :)

happy birthday to your dad!
Kameron said…
I love how you said you can't tell his age and then said that last year was his 50th! Ha! It is wonderful to have good realtionships with your parents! I hope he had a great birthday!

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