She's playing us

What does a guest room, a box fan, and a sleepy time pill have in common?

They all equal to a great night for mommy!

Olivia hasn't been feeling well this past few weeks. It seems like as soon as she gets over one bug, she catches another. She hadn't been feeling herself the past few days, so we took her to the doctor just to be safe (I was afraid it might be her ears) and come to find out, she has the hand, foot, mouth disease at the moment. It clears up in 5-7 days, so we're just hanging out at home until then.

But since she has been sick, she hasn't been sleeping.

I haven't had a full nights rest in over three weeks now and it's starting to wear me down.

I asked David last night to please let me sleep in the guest room by myself (he does not like to sleep alone) and to take over monitor listening duty during the night. He agreed and for the first time in three weeks, I got a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.

I feel like a whole new woman.

The doctor did say however that he believed the whole waking in the night thing was due to her getting into the habit of it, not from being sick. Going on vacation and then the stomach bug a couple of weeks ago has just thrown off her sleeping through the night. Basically, in so many words, he told us she was playing us and to just let her cry it out. Thankfully, David is much better at tuning out her crying than I am, so that is just what he let her do last night.

Either way, I finally got a good nights sleep.

Thank you love, your the best!

(I know those pictures have nothing to do with sleeping, but they are too cute to not post.)


Bonnie said…
Holy explosion of orange! I'm glad she is feeling better. I saw your post above too about her walking. Jarrett isn't crawling yet, but getting close. He likes to hold on to your hands & stand more than anything!