We're Back in Business

Exciting news....I got my camera back today!!!! It was a long few weeks without it. That day when it broke, I honestly said "oh, I'll get it fixed eventually." Silly me, I missed it majorly. I've been carrying around my point & shoot (is that how you spell it? it looks funny to me), but it wasn't getting the results like the fancy dancy nikon, and every time I would take a picture, I would complain about how crappy the picture came out. That would be the reason for no pic's lately. I know there are some great point & shoot's out there, I just don't happen to own one.

I told Olivia Kate she better get ready because the mamarazzi is back in business!

I also received a text from Amy saying I better get back to blogging, because if not, everyone was going to think I had a big announcement (i.e. a baby on the way).

Have you noticed lately that is what happens when a fairly regular blogger falls off the wagon? They return with the big announcement that they're expecting. Well, we've noticed that lately. Though I completely understand why they fall off the blogging band wagon during that first trimester.

Sorry, no baby on the way, my mom and nana are in town this week. We've been busy fitting in as much as we can these past couple of days. I will hopefully be resuming blogging later in the week.

Happy Wednesday!!!

P.S. Only 3 more days till Nic comes back (Not that I'm counting down or anything)!!! : )


Tristan said…
holy cow..look at those teeth!!!!

she is too cute!

thanks for that comment, it's always nice when someone else thinks your kiddo is a doll face too..hehe :)

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