A whole bunch of nothing

I've got nothing today.

I'm in one of those funny moods. I feel like I want to get out of the house, yet I don't feel like getting up to put on some respectable clothes. I'm still hanging in my workout clothes, but we haven't manged to make it to the park yet this morning to walk due to a little someone deciding to sleep in. Maybe we'll make it this evening.

Olivia has been sick AGAIN this week. Now she has a cold with a nasty runny nose. The poor kid hasn't gotten a break this month. First the stomach bug, then the hand, foot, mouth disease, and now this. Thankfully she is still her usual self despite all the sickness.

My birthday is this weekend. I'm not sad about it, nor am I happy about it which is funny cause normally I'm running around the entire week before claiming the whole week to be my birthday week. I think it's because I know that as soon as my birthday passes, my baby's will soon follow. Now that she's walking she's looking so much more like a toddler and that makes me wanna cry a little. This year has gone by way too fast.

Lately I've been in a looking for answers kinda mood. We've been making plans for our future and setting the goals that we want for the next ten years as a couple and a family (Are we the only one's who do this? Is it extremely strange to sit down and have a "meeting" about what our goals our for the future? I'm serious. Like a this is what we have to do next year, this is what we have to do in five years, in order to get to here conversation). Anyways....I've been struggling with the big questions like how many kids do I want? Do I want to homeschool or send them to private school? Do I really want to drive a mini-van? This is seriously things that I've honestly been losing sleep over and go over in my head all day long (Not really on the mini-van thing, I'm dead set on wanting my mini-van). David finally asked me the other day why did I feel like I had to have all the decisions made now? Yes, we have to plan for stuff, but we can also change our minds if we want. Why am I torturing myself over all this?

I'm really over summer right now. Yes, me, the self-proclaimed summer lover is over it. I don't remember it ever being this hot before. I think summer and I are about to break up. Fall has been looking pretty good lately.

My mom is coming to spend the week next week with us and I'm uber excited about it. We've seen her several times over the course of spring and summer, but there has always been some reason for the visit (i.e. family functions, weddings, etc.). This will be the first time since February that she is coming just to hang out and see us.

I'm taking my fancy dancy camera on Thursday to (fingers crossed) see if it can be fixed. When it first broke, I honestly thought I would just get it fixed whenever. I'm not one that makes a living off my camera, so I thought no big deal, but I've been missing it big time. David asked what I wanted to do this week on his off days and I yelled at him "take my camera!!!" I will honestly cry if they say it cannot be fixed because we do not have the funds at the moment for a new one. **say some prayers and fingers crossed**

And because people only read for the pictures...

How do mom's push these dang things? This was my first time pushing a double cart/stroller/whatever and I felt like I was pushing a dang boat. When my day to buy a double stroller comes, I will definitely be asking for advice on what is steerable.


Jennifer said…
You are so not the only ones who do that. Todd and I sit down a lot to "make a plan" for the future. Granted, God usually has something else in mind, but I think it's always good to be working toward something too. The decisions you are making are big ones - ESPECIALLY the mini-van question. (o;

PS - I don't just read for the pictures and I am SO over summer too. Just FYI.
Tristan said…
aw..hope she gets to feeling better!

RELAX..sounds like you need it!!

and..my sister-in-law has a stroller where one kid sits on a little bench type thing and then has a regular seat for baby..haha..totally steerable..and those mall strollers are NOT!
Kameron said…
I'm an extreme planner and my husband isn't. It drives him a little nuts that I have to have things so thought out. I got a Toyota Highlander right before I found out I was pregnant with Arielle and now I am wishing I had bought the Sienna. I swore I'd never have a mini van but after driving one as a rental car, I love the room it has. If and when I trade my car in for another it will be a minivan!

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