Back to Normal

I'm fairly certain I'm going to hear it this weekend, since I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon this week. My Meme (that's a grandmother in case your confused), informed me the other weekend, "there better be some new post up when I get back on the computer." Well, this week I have failed at posting. Sorry Meme.

I'm calling this week, back to normal.

This past weekend was our official end to summer. No, we don't have a child returning to school, but this past weekend I helped host a baby shower for David's cousin and that was the end event of our crazy busy summer schedule. I went back and looked at our calendar and since the first weekend in May, we've had something going on pretty much every weekend. There were only two weekends (one in May and one in July) that we had nothing to do. Plus, that doesn't count all our week day obligations. So, I think it's safe to say we haven't had a relaxing summer. I'm so happy to see July be gone.

While we're on the subject of July being over, I am going to go ahead and say it....I'm sick of the heat. I normally don't mind it, but I am seriously more uncomfortable this year than I was last summer at nine months pregnant. My hairdresser said to blame it on my hormones.

Because of the heat, the mattress is back on the living room floor. One of our air conditioners is out. First, I just want to say after reading on others blogs about their air going out, I don't see how y'all made it. We've been noticing the past couple of weeks that the unit to the bedrooms hadn't been keeping things very cool. Last night when we went to put Olivia to bed, it was sweltering. We set up two fans (plus the ceiling fan) and left her door open for the night. It actually stayed pretty cool in there for once. Our room on the other hand, not so much. I told David I was sorry, but I couldn't survive the night. Even though he likes it to be 120 degrees when he sleeps, I on the other hand can't deal. We moved our mattress out to the living room. I just want to take this moment to thank God that we have two units. I would have been dying if we didn't have that other unit. No actually, Olivia and I would have standing on the Pope's front porch at 10pm begging to spend the night (No offense to any family, but I said we would have gone to the Pope's because their the closet people we know living in a 15 minute radius of us and I wouldn't have drove thirty minutes at 10pm at night, but I'm sure anyone would have offered their floor for the night).

And this week, our tripod has all three legs again. A few who reads Nicole and I's blogs regularly may have noticed that we hadn't been talking much about Amy lately. I won't go into all the nitty gritty, but we now like to call it a big misunderstanding. Two of us were being pretty stubborn (I being the worst) and because of that, we all missed out on a summer of fun. This week, we finally broke down and let's just say we kissed and made up.

We celebrated with a taco night.

Nicole and I were having our before bed text last night (for some reason we've been texting before bed it seems lately) and I told Nic I decided we three were a tripod. The other two can't seem to stand without that third leg.

I can't tell you how good it feels to be standing on three legs again. This all has made me realize just how much I depend on those two on a daily basis. They are seriously my lifeline, my backbone, my confidant's, my comfort, my comedic relief, and the sisters that I (actually we) never had.

I feel like such a burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I hate myself for not doing what I should have sooner. But, what's been done has been done and I learned a lesson for the future. I realize now that regardless, those two aren't going anywhere anytime soon and that I find comfort in.

I'm just glad we're finding our way back to normal.

Have a great weekend!!!


The Popes said…
thanks for making me cry ole pod buddy!

And I love our goodnight texts! Makes up for all the time we spend NOT talking to eachother!
Anonymous said…
You know she didn't cry because that's against her nature. I on the other hand.....well everyone knows I'm a big ol' cry baby! love you girl!
Tristan said…
oh my..our a/c broke for 2 hours and i thought i was gonna die!!

good friends are great!

love olivia..such a cutie!

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