No one can do it all...including housewives.

A couple of weeks ago, I sightly mentioned that I was trying to prove a point to my husband and I've got a few curious questions on what exactly that point might be.

Because let's be honest, we all want to make sure we're not the only I right?

At the beginning of the month, we had a calm discussion about my cooking....or to be more honest, my lack of cooking.

My response to him...

No one can do it all...including housewives. 

 Let's just get this out there, I don't necessarily hate cooking, but its not something I enjoy doing.  It's not that I'm even bad at it.  I'm no Julia Child by any means, but I can follow a recipe.  I just don't enjoy the process of it.  If you give me the option to cook dinner for the family or go out....I'll usually go with the later.

No lie, I'd rather clean a toilet over cooking a meal for my family. 

However, I realize that eating out constantly is not healthy and it can add up at times, so I cook probably 70% of the time....even though I do not enjoy it. I look at it as apart of my job.

Here's the deal, I am a stay at home mom and the way it works in our house is that I do usually do everything house related....I wash the clothes, keep the house clean, shop for groceries and cook the meals, take care of the kid(s), school with Olivia, and I even take care of the yard stuff.  Now, I realize that this isn't how it works in every other household, but its one that I feel like works for us and I feel like is fair.  He works on average two full time jobs a week, so I feel like there is not much I should ask from him as far as household stuff goes....I just ask for money (so who really has the better end of this deal).  You may not necessarily agree with this, but this is how it works for us and we both have no problem with it.

Like most families though we do have weeks, that by default, it seems like all we do is eat out.  We just happened to have a couple of those weeks in a row when this conversation occurred.

So, I'm sure you are getting that my point to prove was that I would cook ALL WEEK LONG....which is a big deal for me because once again, I don't like to cook.

That was at the beginning of the month and now that we are almost to the end, I am proud to say that I've cooked almost the whole month and we've only ate out maybe four or fives times....which is good for us.

Not long after that conversation my MIL (who sides with me because she doesn't enjoy to cook either) and I came up with the idea that he could start cooking a few times a week...why, because he actually claims to enjoy cooking!!!  I proposed that he just tell me what he wants to cook, I make the list and do all the shopping. However, can you believe that he wasn't up for that idea???

His response to our offer "how would you like it if I added more to your chore list?"  Which is funny because seriously, what else more is there to add to my list???  Which by the way, we totally laughed about this because even he realized the silliness of his statement after he said it.

So, I'm still proving my point and making sure to cook dinner more often than I even care to and maybe I'll show him that, just maybe, housewives can do it all after all.



Anonymous said…
I have recently discovered Pioneer Woman. (yes, I have long known about her, but never looked at any of her recipes). She has changed my "stuck in a rut" cooking habits. Her recipes seem to use the same ingredients, so that makes it easier. And she has some quick meals, too! Maybe it will help!
Have a great sunny day :)
Amy K.
Cunz Family said…
I could basically cut and paste this blog post onto my blog. I, too, stay at home now, and maybe cook a few times a month. Now, we don't eat out..we just eat junk for dinner instead (chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, cereal etc) I too, do basically anything that has to do with inside the house plus all our finances, and hubby does the outside stuff (lawn, pool, car maint. etc) If I do cook, it's usually a hot dish (casserole for you Southern folk) or something hubby deems as "unhealthy" great....there goes the one thing I know how to cook. Add to the fact that I'm the pickiest person on the planet, so it's hard to cook when all you want is meat noodles and cheese. I started my cooking earlier this month by making frozen breakfast burritos and lunches hubby can take for work (since I did that, he only ate out about 3 times this month) and slowly I'm cooking dinner...slowly is the key word. He's been on a goofy schedule where he doesnt get home til 8pm so I've gotten a free dinner pass for about 2 weeks now since the kids and I eat quick stuff. I'm gonna try to get him to grill me a bunch of steak and chicken this weekend, to help me make dinners, since the hard part will be a matter of me heating it up and I can just make side dishes :)

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