My husbands favorite pregnancy stage!

I want to apologize because I realize my last few posts have been a little wordy.  I'm sure you all have better things to do than listen to me ramble, so I'll work on that...just not today.

This week has just gotten away from me. I actually spent all this morning thinking how it sucked I was out of money already for the week and then it hit me that it's Thursday and tomorrow is payday! Whoop!

I've been nesting all week.

When we moved, we went from 3700 sq. feet to 1600 sq. feet and we realized that we (okay, me) had a lot of junk. It's crazy how we had only lived in that house for three years and the amount of stuff we had accumulated. To put it in perspective, the house we lived in before our last house was about 1100 sq. feet. When we moved from that house to our big house, we moved our entire house in one load in big moving truck. Fast forward to this move only three years later and it took us two loads in the same sized truck, plus a couple of trips with a pickup truck.  Straight up ridiculous. 

So, purging has quickly became my favorite way to pass time. Not only did we not have the space for it, I honestly just don't want to have to move that much stuff again. I started right after our move in November, but my number goal for 2013 was to get rid of all this stuff. When I found out we had a baby on the way for Summer 2013, it put me in high mode to get it done and get it done quickly. I've been making so many trips to the Goodwill donation center, the dude that works there and I are on a first name basis. True story.

I'm down to the last few boxes inside the house. However, we have a detached garage that hadn't been touched since we moved in. We basically threw a bunch of stuff in there and shut the door. Monday we had perfect February weather, so I had been prepping Dave for a week beforehand that we would be cleaning it out come Monday. Of course, I had other motives for cleaning out the detached garage and the attached garage, but more on that in a sec.

(Keeping it real...the last few boxes I have to go through!)

Nesting. It's my husbands favorite stage of pregnancy (note the sarcasm please).

Normally, I would have tackled the garage on my own. I've always been a re-arranger and I can usually move my entire house by myself. However, I'm already at that stage that I cannot lift very much, especially furniture, so he has to help me move everything. Yes, he always obliges and doesn't roll his eyes too much, but it's not one of his favorite things to do. Especially since I'll move one thing and then decide its not right and immediately move it again. In thirteen years, he's learned its no use to even protest and just moves whatever it is I ask him.

We got the detached garage cleaned out and amazingly it only required two trips to the Goodwill. Along with that, we got the attached garage completely cleared out too and that was my main motive right there.

We need a space for school.

When we moved, we decided to take Olivia out of preschool. I have a post on our decision that has been sitting in my drafts for two months now, but I haven't gotten it finished. I guess I'm still looking for the right words. I know most of you have been around long enough to know that we have always fluttered back and forth with the idea of homeschooling. Not long before we knew baby #2 was coming along, we decided that even if Olivia was our only child, we felt like it was still the right thing for our family and we wanted to give it a shot. So, when we moved, we pulled her out of school and I got busy sitting down and doing actual school stuff with her.

We're four months in and she's loved it. My original plan was to use our third bedroom as a school room, but then news of baby #2 came along and we now need that room in a few months. We've been doing school at the dinning room table and we had our school closet and a wall with our stuff on it, however, it felt like we were quickly growing out of the space. Years ago, I came across Edie at Life In Grace's homeschool room in her garage and I've always loved the idea. We're outside people and days I can have all the windows in the house open are my favorites. Just something about the idea of having a huge door open and doing school with all that fresh air coming in intrigued me.

Because of the baby's due date, I was in a hurry to get it done and more ready for next year than anything. We got the garage cleaned out and a rough set up with the furniture we were going to use. After letting it sit for a day, I wasn't exactly sure I was going to be happy with it....just yet. The biggest reason was that between laying some carpet down and painting, it was going to cost us a couple hundred dollars. I'm just not ready to shell out that kinda money yet for a school room.

Sooooo, back to the drawing board. I then suggested let's take out all the furniture in the dining room and put the school room furniture in it instead. He obliged and then I spent the next day getting things set up.

And, I'm in love.



I have a few things I need to buy and a few more things to get organized, but I think it will work perfectly for what we need at the moment.

We currently do not have a table in our breakfast area. I've tired several different ones we already owned, but none of them would work size wise. We only have one table that would work, but due to a moment of DIY insanity a few years back, I cut the legs off it and tried to use it as a coffee table in our old house. I was never happy with it and have several times regretted that snap decision. Thankfully, it was just the table legs and we're now on a search for new legs. That way we don't have to eat at our school table every meal.

I have no clue how long we will be here and I may eventually bite the bullet to fix up the garage, but regardless, I have already told Dave that our next house will have one extra room that we can use for school.

Till then, we're making it work.


Cunz Family said…
Thats one good thing about the Navy moving us every few years...I purge stuff during every move, so our house never really gets that full. Our current house is the biggest we've ever lived in and when we moved into it (1800 sq ft to 2700 sq ft) it felt empty but I soon filled it up. I actually did a purge a few months ago and we've only lived here 1 year! It feels good to clean house. Once we know this baby's gender in July I cant wait to purge totes of clothes of whatever gender the baby isn't! I have to do another round of toy purging, as the only thing the 2 play with anyways is match box cars and trains. And we have a toy room FULL of toys...ridiculous. Sometimes I wish Christmas only came every other year :)
Tristan said…
i keep all my school stuff in little totes and then pack all three of them to the kitchen table everyday..we have NO room in this house and it stinks!!!!! I hang all her work on the side of the fridge and also her abcs and make it work. I would LOOOOVE to keep her at home all through school, but the hubby isn't on board :( she's going to a charter school up the road in the middle of no is the same as

Looks and sounds like you are rocking at it!
Paige said…
I love your extra space and your decision to keep her home to preschool. Go your:))
Paige said…
I love your extra space and your decision to keep her home to preschool. Go your:))

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