A big day.

Tomorrow is a big day for our little family.

Over the past couple of weeks I have started to get hounded with the question "so when do you find out the sex of the baby?" which is only natural since it does seem like I've been pregnant forever already.

I set the record straight last week on facebook, but in case your one of the few people who read that is not a facebook friend, that the reality of it was is that we actually already know what the sex of the baby of is.

We've known for some time now.

When we went for our first specialist appointment back in January, while having our ultrasound, the ultrasound tech kinda let slip out what she saw.  Dave and I were just kinda like "mmmkay...." We really didn't know what to say or how to react. Especially since she quickly threw out that it was still early and she wouldn't run out to buy a certain color, but she 90% sure and she has never been wrong in seven years.

So we were left sitting there kinda not knowing how to react.  Not because we were not excited about what it was, we just weren't prepared to go in finding out that kinda info, if you know what I mean. 

To be honest, it kinda took the excitement and specialness away from the whole process.  Since we found out we were pregnant, I had been imagining in my head the three of us heading into that big appointment and sharing that special moment with Olivia.  Four years ago, when we found out what Olivia was, we had several grandparents with us and my bff cousin Aubrey.  It was fun to share in that moment together with all of them and it seemed fitting for that time.  This go round though, I wanted it to be just the three of us to share in that first initial excitement.

After a few days, it started to sink in that my "special moment" I was dreaming of had kinda been ruined. As stupid as it may sound, I told Olivia that mommy was having a baby before I even told David and I felt like I wanted her to be one of the first to know what the sex was too.

We decided to not share with the world just yet, because we were afraid that we would be telling Olivia one thing for the next six weeks and it turn out to be the other.  We didn't want to confuse her, so we haven't said anything to her and we haven't shared publicly because we didn't want anyone to accidentally say anything.
Tomorrow the three of us will go in together and two of us will try our best to act totally surprised to find out who family member #4 will be.

It kinda feels like Christmas morning when we already know what Santa brought her, but still have to act totally shocked.

Who knows, maybe we'll all be surprised tomorrow???

January 18, 2013


Cunz Family said…
Shhh I have a secret too.....I know what we're having..and have known since 16 weeks :) But since my hubby doesnt want to know, I just tell him I dont know either, and tell everyone else that we're keeping it a surprise. But really..I mean come on, I'm 22 weeks and have had 4 ultrasounds already and they will continue to give me one a month until week 40...you really think I'd go that many ultrasounds without asking?! :) So luckily I'm pretty sure this blog is a good place to share that, since it's not like my family or friends would see my comment :) I'll be waiting for Nicoles message to ask what it is lol. So the rest of the world will think I dont know, and I'll play dumb until July.

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