A taste of Spring.

I'm not a fan of winter as you most already know.

But even I can say that we've been lucky this winter.  Not as nice as last years, but we haven't had much of a true winter...even by Southern standards.  We haven't had a single snow or ice day and most days the temps are in the 40's/50's.  We have had a lot of rain and some very windy days, but otherwise, its been okay.

However, I am over the little taste of Spring that we get each week.

Since before Christmas, the weather pattern each week has stuck to a really nice day in the upper 60's, followed by alternating cold windy ones and rainy ones.

You get just a taste and it leaves you craving for more.

My child loves to be outdoors even more than I do, so we head outside every chance that we get and soak it up for all its worth. 

And then we're usually stuck inside for the next week, till we get that little taste again.

After a week of some cold and windy weather, we got one of those days yesterday.  We headed outside late morning and stayed out till dinner time.

We even skipped nap.  Such rebels.

I was brave and let her play with my nice camera (with a few rules of course). She spent our day playing Dora the Explorer (which is crazy to me because she rarely watches her) and taking pics of jungle animals.

(An Olivia Original)

 (An Olivia Original)

 (An Olivia Original)

I'm certain I have the next National Geographic photographer on my hands.

Keeping with tradition, we're once again stuck inside for the next few days due to rain.

I'm certain she asks at least ten times a day "Is it summer yet?"

Roughly only 66 more days...not that I'm counting or anything. 


Tristan said…
i looove my winter but excited for t-a to play outside when it gets warm!

looks like you are having the best days with your sweet girl!

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