A Monday is a Monday

Don't you love when you are looking forward to a fresh new week and have all these grand plans...but then Monday rolls around and completely throws you for a loop and then feels as though it throws off the rest of the week that has yet to roll around.

Yeah, that sums up my Monday.

See, even stay at home moms can dread Mondays.

Sunday we noticed Olivia's eye was red and swollen, but it was not pink eye red and swollen. We went about our day and I asked her several times if she had hit it on something, but the only response was "I don't know." We stuck with our plans for the day and headed off to a Super Bowl party with long time friends that we don't get to see too often these days and a few that we see all the time. We had fun, it was loud (six kids loud), lots of yummy food (it helps to be friends with a professional chef), and lots of conversation. Pretty much a great night.

We left at the power outage, so we get a certain little one in bed at a somewhat decent hour, and I noticed her eye was a little more red than it was earlier. After a call to my personal dr. (i.e. my mother-in-law who's a nurse) and a call to our pediatricians night time nurse. It was decided it wasn't something serious enough to take her anywhere that night, but she needed to be seen in the morning.

I had a OB appointment in the morning. Exactly 40 minutes away from Olivia's pediatrician who we are still currently seeing since we just moved and have yet had a need to switch.

Oh and once again, I should know by now not to google anything. I know to stay away from webmd, because webmd=cancer no matter what your symptoms. However, it is still not good to google anything, put it that way.

Thankfully, David was off and could take Olivia to her appointment while I went to mine. Can I say how hard it was to let him take her? I have been to every dr. appointment in the past three years but her very first one when I was back in the hospital after her birth. We luckily got an appointment with her actual pediatrician, so that put a few of my fears at ease because she's seen Olivia since she was two months old. But still, as a control freak, it was a hard pill for this mom to swallow.

I may have text him about 20 different times asking how it was going.

While they were at their appointment, I went to mine. Overall, things were good, but my Dr. did mention that they found some type of bacteria in my system at my 7 week appointment that would require the baby to stay for at least a minimum of 48 hours for observation and that I should let the pediatrician know I had it. That was basically all I walked away with.

Well, at the time she was telling me all this information, I was getting text from David about what was wrong with Olivia. So, to be honest, I was only half listening and did not get the name of what she said I had or why it was important or could possibly be an issue. She acted like it was not a big deal and even said it was very common. I know my dr. well enough to know that if it was something to be worried about, she would let me know. Plus, she did mention that she had already got my first round of blood work back from the specialist and so far, all looked good.

Oh, and I passed my glucose test and that big babies are just genetic....which I've been saying all along now.

So, on top of that....guess what??? Olivia ended up having that scary thing that I googled.

Yeah....see where I'm going with all this.

Basically, I walked out of my appointment feeling defeated.

Thankfully we took her in and it's only scary if you don't get on any antibiotics and let it go untreated. However, when reading google at 9:30pm on a Sunday night, it sounds scary. There is a technical name for it, but basically a cold she had turned into a sinus infection and then moved to her eye. She's now on antibiotics and her eye is still noticeably red, but already starting to go down some.

As far as what my Dr. told me, the couple of people I shared the info with yesterday suggested I call to ask to speak to the dr and ask a few more questions. I've decided to wait since I go back to the dr. in less than two weeks and just ask my questions then in personal and not have a three year old constantly interrupting me. I truly feel in my heart that if there was anything that needed to be done for it, they would have done something. My dr. is known as a pretty conservative dr. in the sense she does not take chances with things. Kind like how they have already told me my need to see the specialist isn't really huge. It's rare I will have a child with what my brother has, however, they don't want take chances. So, I can live with not having a few answers for a couple of weeks. I should have asked then what this means exactly, but I was not in the right mind.

I was thrown off for the whole day. I even called and wished my cousin a Happy Birthday and it wasn't even her birthday. Thankfully, she excused my pregnancy brain.

There were a couple of highlights, like my four mile walk with my MIL and dinner with our best couple friends. At least I didn't have to worry about dinner after a day like that. To be honest, if it wasn't for Nic, we would have most likely ended up at Chick-fil-a or something.

So, that was my Monday. Mondays can be not so fun even when you don't have to clock in somewhere.

Here's hoping to a better Tuesday. However, so far its not looking good.

For the record, morning sickness is not fun. It's even worse when you have a three year old that refuses to leave the bathroom and asking you repeatedly "why you spitting in the toilet?"

On that note, I think I'm just going to give up and go back to bed.

Happy Birthday to Auntie Aubry on the right day!!!!


Tristan said…
Ekk. how scary! I always say google is my worst enemy..lol..never google!!

Hope she feels bettr and the week gets better also!

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