Lovers Lane....What would you do?

So, I have a situation and I need some advice.

As you most already know, we moved three months ago. One of my biggest disappointments about moving was that I was losing the running path I have come to know and love over the past year. Honestly, I had my route memorized. I knew every bump and crack in the road and exactly how far I had to go to get the mileage I needed that day.

The area we moved to isn't exactly runner friendly. Our neighborhood is off of very busy roads with no sidewalks and we live in a very small only two streets small. Though that is a plus in the fact we pretty much are at least familiar with almost everyone in our neighborhood, it also means I would have to make a billion laps around the neighborhood to actually get some mileage out and lets be honest, that can get boring pretty fast.

At the beginning of this month, my MIL and I came up with a route that works and we've been walking it several times a week for a month now. Side note: I was given the all clear from my doctor to keep running, but to be honest (stop reading now Dad and skip to the next paragraph), it felt like my uterus was falling out. So, I've temporary giving up running and stuck to walking and the elliptical at the gym 3-4 times a week. However, I miss it bad and counting down the days till I can be back running again.

There is a neighborhood directly behind ours that was started but never completed due to the real estate bust. They only got one street finished and then put several big boulders up to block off the roads to the rest of the neighborhood that was left empty. It's been like this for several years now and I can say that there hasn't been a problem with dumping trash or anything of that nature.

We have access to this unfinished neighborhood through my in laws back yard, it's bigger than ours, so we cut through and walk that neighborhood and then another larger one directly across the street from it. We get a good four miles out of it and we're excited about our new path.

Though I realize this is breaking a big runner's law with sharing where I walk. We always walk together, so please do not come murder us. Thank you. Our family appreciates it.

Anyways....I should share that I can view this neighborhood from my house. Not long after we started this walking path, I one day noticed a truck that was sitting in the back of this neighborhood. In the two months before, I had never seen it and it was one of those things, I would have noticed it. She's lived here before the neighborhood was even built and has not seen a car back there in years. Well, it stayed there for hours. Later while walking, I mentioned it to my MIL and we were curious to why it was there. I mean, they had to really go out of their way to get back there. You cannot easily get back there with just any kind of car. You would have to be in a big truck like this one to get there.

Over the next few weeks, the same truck starts showing up several days a week and parking for hours in the same exact spot. Monday of last week we went out to walk and realized as we set off that "the truck" is there. I immediately whisper to my MIL "that's the one" and we start lowering our voices contemplating do we turn around or possible meet our end (one of us watches too much CSI and the other too much 20/20). We keep on and as we approach, we suddenly see a mess of limbs and two people quickly trying to get their clothes back on and looking at us in terror.

We suddenly realize we have the upper hand in this situation and they for sure got caught doing something they knew they were not supposed to be doing with each other...if you catch my drift. 

We were even brave enough to loudly question whether there we should snap a picture of their tag and if there was a facebook page we could post it to. However, we are not that mean, so we did not.

The truck quickly leaves and we think we've seen the last of it.

Until three days later when its back and in the same exact spot.

And now that I know what their doing, it's driving me batty. Here's the problem...I can see this truck from every back window of my house. My kitchen, living room, Olivia's room, the baby's future room.....EVERYWHERE I CAN SEE IT!!!! When they came back, I literally had to shut all the blinds just because I was tired of looking at it for four hours straight. Honestly, if it had been just a couple guys hiding from work to take a long siesta, whatever, but I know what these people are doing, so I want them gone. Even my three year old asks me "what's that truck doing back there, mama?" I mean, how do respond now that I know?!?! I just stuck with "something they are not supposed to be doing" for the record.

Before you go standing up for them, let me just say that it's obvious they are doing something they do not want to get caught doing. This is a serious hiding place. I mean, you could throw a dead body back there kinda hiding place. I am honestly not too comfortable being back there alone. If they were a legit couple, they would not be hiding that much, am I right? And it's not some "couple trying to rekindle the romance" or experimenting kinda deal. Their pattern is too frequent and if a legit couple got caught doing it outdoors, I doubt they'd go right back to the same spot just three days later.

Here's the deal...Yes, I realize its none of my business what they are doing and honestly I could care less. Yes, I am tired of seeing it, but there are families who live in that neighborhood and families with kids. On our walks, we have often walked past kids playing on the boulders just around the bend from their "spot." In fact, David often takes Olivia over there every so often to climb "the mountains." Not only that, they are technically trespassing since the boulders are there to clearly keep people out. Which, yes, I understand that we are too if you want to be technical. However, we're not doing something that you should be concerned about your kids catching us doing it.

So, what do I do?

Someone suggested I kindly post a sign out there asking them to go else where and stating how people still live there and our kids play out there and if we saw them again, we'd call the cops.

Or, I call the cops on them?

Or, do I just wait till Spring and pray the leaves on the trees block my view?

What would you do?


Anonymous said…
BOW chikabowowwwwwww


Miss your face!

Alicia P.
Anonymous said…
I would call the cops and just say you keep seeing this suspicious truck at the same time on the same days and you are concerned for your child and other children.... Maybe that will help.
Tristan said… the cops..that's
Kameron said…
Put some nails in that spot. When they have 4 flat tires, they might think twice. Totally kidding, but that would be hilarious!
Liz said…
I'd call the cops. That's not the sort of thing you want in your neighborhood. Ew. Hope they're gone soon.
J.C. said…
Here's the thing... If they are there repeatedly, it makes me think that it might be the spot that a prostitute takes her "customers" or something else equally as nasty. Either way, they are clearly not supposed to be there and you KNOW that inappropriate things are taking place. Call the cops and make sure all the kids in the area stay safe.
Anonymous said…
Post a "yard sale" type sign that states that the cops will be called on all trespassers. And by the way...if they are caught, they will most likely be registered as a sex offender!
Amy K.
Cunz Family said…
I'd also call the cops...and then I'd sit on my back steps and watch them have the encounter with the cops, because, in my book...thats funny.
Kelsey said…
I am in with all the others, I would call the police! And especially watch from the windows as they get caught ;) Can you post a video of that?

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