Ten for Today

1.  The other day, I was complaining to friends during a conversation about refrigerators about how our ice machine no longer spits ice out of the fridge door, and I want an entire new fridge because its a pain and I'm too lazy to open the door and stick my hand in for ice.  After 3&1/2 years of it being broken, the husband fixed it for me.  It worked for two days, broke again, and I'm back to sticking my hand into the frozen tundra.

2.  I'm trying for the third time in the past year to grow Olivia's bangs out.  Third time the charm, right?

3.  I'm about over Target at the moment.  I've cut back my shopping there tremendously over the past six months, however, I still like their kids clothes.  I've been trying to buy Olivia's spring/summer clothes over the past couple of months and they are ALWAYS out of stock on everything in her size.  I've been to three different Targets within 30 minutes of us and they are all out of what I'm looking for.  I have several times tried to go online to buy several different items and I get the OUT OF STOCK with every thing I look at.  Most other stores, if its not in the store, you can usually always get it online.  Targets website is a joke.  Why do you put all that stuff on your website if you don't carry it?  Take it off the flipping website.  I'm talking I've been looking at certain things for months waiting for them to be in stock.  Its not just clothes I've had that issue with either.  It's getting to the point it just ridiculous. Target is quickly making the top of my poop list.

4.  That being said....Old Navy has been rocking it lately.  Thanks for actually having stuff in stock online and in the stores for a good price.  Their kids clothes are some of my favs and they fit Olivia perfectly.

5.  Speaking of Old Navy....I realized the other day that I've been rocking these Old Navy flip flops for six years now.  Anyone who sees me on a regular basis in the real world will tell you I wear these almost every single day.  It will be a sad day if something ever happens to them.  I seriously might go into a depression.  I've had several other black flip flops since these and no others have ever compared.

6.  Ames and I have a date planned this Friday night to go see this.  We may or may not hold hands and cry together during Nicholas Sparks movies while eating a TUB of popcorn.  It's our special thing together.

7.  Yesterday I ordered another phone case for my phone.  That makes five cases in six months.  I may or may not have an addiction

8.  I am currently obsessed with these two songs. As I type this, I now am starting to think that I am evidently longing for my younger days, which I find odd since I personally think life is more fun now then when I was younger. Regardless, I turn the radio up when either of these come on.

9.  I am in search for some curling cream for my hair.  I haven't had any luck with the last few things I've tried and its getting to that season where I don't fix dry my hair.  Any suggestions?  Please!

10.  You might have heard I have a little vacation coming up next week, which means this week is going by sooooooo slow. 


Elizabeth said…
Bee curl is a good one! You can get it at the salon. You should check it out!
Tristan said…
i looove eric church,he totally rocks in concert!!

i need to finish the book before i watch that movie!

omg..target is getting annoying!

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