The Day Before Easter

Today was just one of those days.  It wasn't necessary bad, it was just one of those that I could slowly feel my patience wearing and I was getting more frustrated as the day went on.

I knew I had a lot to do to get ready for Sunday, so I had planned ahead a few activities for us to do this morning.  My thinking was if I devoted my morning to her, by the afternoon, she'd be good to entertain herself while I tackle my to do list. 

We started our morning with dying eggs.  It was her first time and girl was in heaven.  She is a big arts and crafts kid, so it was right up her alley.

I then got out the Resurrection Eggs and we did a toddler friendly version of the Easter Story.  I hate to admit this, but I was kinda surprised that she remembered bits and pieces of it to share later. 

Then we painted two different Easter projects.

After a couple of hours of projects, we took a lunch break and I shooed her into the playroom to play.  I thought she was good to go and started working on my own projects.

However, I could quickly tell my plan was backfiring on me.

She wasn't satisfied, she needed more of me.

My type A personality was in full throttle.  I had a plan and schedule to keep up with.

Then I burnt a cake and realized I forgot to get a bow to match her Easter Dress. On top of that, she was underneath my feet the entire time. Daddy was already home for the day, but she only wanted Mommy.  You moms know what I'm talking about.

This is the point I really start to lose my patience and start getting frustrated. 

Finally, after she came into the kitchen and asked me something for the umpteenth time......I lost it and yelled "Wwwwhhhhaaaaatttt?"

It wasn't even an angry yell, it was more a "you got to be kidding me" kinda yell. Regardless, it was enough to hurt her feelings and make her cry.

After a few hugs and a apology from Mommy, all was well again.

As we were putting her to bed a little later, she decided that Mommy won the privilege to tuck her in bed for the night.  To be completely honest, normally after a day like today, I would roll my eyes and ask to please let daddy take over.  Tonight however, I was glad she picked me even after our cry fest just a little earlier.

As we laid in her bed, we talked about the day, told stories about the stars and moon, and sang songs.  She placed her hands on the sides of my face and asked me to sing "Jesus."

After we went through a few rounds of Jesus Loves Me, it hit me how much she was an example of the love of Jesus and what he did for us.

I yelled at her for no reason and yet, she easily forgave me and continued to love me.  She didn't hold a grudge or told me I was a bad mom, instead, she showed me nothing but love in return.

As I laid there with her, I was reminded how often in life, he gives me nothing but love and forgiveness. I'm a sinner on a daily basis, yet, he forgives me every time.

Because he died, I'm given a fresh start.

A fresh start to be a better Mommy everyday. 

To be honest, this Easter season, I had not spent much thought about the meaning behind it.  Lately its just kinda been a marker on my countdown to upcoming vacations. Sad, but true.  Funny how God decided to use my little person to remind me the day before Easter. Better late than never.

One for the memory book:

(Walking into the kitchen) 
Dave: "Do you realize your daughter is playing with a huge stick of butter?"

Me: "What?!?! Olivia! Stop playing with that butter!!!!"


Me: "Actually, I don't know why I just said that and acted like I didn't know she was playing with the butter.  She's been playing in it for the past ten minutes and I was just letting her so I could get some peace and quiet."


Elizabeth said…
Such a good post, Amber...and so true! It's amazing what God uses as little reminders for us.

Tristan said…
fun projects!
we've all had those day...shew.

shes the butter!

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