As I went to post this morning, I realized that I seem to be short on words lately.

Let's be honest, y'all really stop here for my mad photo skills anyways.

Especially the iphone photos.

I've declared myself an iphone pic professional.  If anyone is interested in having their family pics taken with an iphone, I'm the one to call.

Totally joking on the expert part, however, I can take your family pic with an iphone if your interested because that seems to be the only camera I can pick up lately. The Nikon has been sitting neglected on the kitchen counter for some time now.

I made a promise to it last night to pick it up this weekend and show it some love.

And now that y'all think I'm totally crazy, here is our week through instagram...

1. Delicious & a wallet saver. 2. Refusing to have her picture taken
3.  Ames & I in search of beauty. 4.  Fire

1. Obviously, we didn't win.  2. Self Reflection
3. Color. 4. Daddy's last day of cooking


 1.  Heaven in a bowl. 2. Mail.
3. Someones that make me happy.  4.  Daddy's girl.

1.  Our pet turtle Fred.  2. Tiny Barbie Shoes
3. Home

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life rearranged

Besides the traditional Easter festivities on Sunday, we have a pretty quiet weekend ahead of us.  I've actually made plans tomorrow to dye eggs with OK for the first time.  Yes, its the child's third Easter and she's never had the experience of dying eggs yet.  I'm such a slacker mom.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! : )


Chance said…
That iced coffee look delicious! I've never tried it, but I'm putting it on the grocery list now!
Tristan said…
it really isnt fair how fast they grow up..sooo sad!!!!!!

i wanted some of that iced coffee but our walmart was sold out.booo!

i love your ipics!
Kathi said…
No! No! Do not feel bad about the egg dying thing. I have five kiddos and the oldest eleven-I just realized the other day that I have only ever dyed eggs once, and that was with the oldest- pumpkin carving- same story.

So, feel better, and then go dye you some eggs!
Jeannett said…
barbie shoes...second worst only to squinkies. ;)

thanks for linking up!

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