It's Friday!

(I just realized I started last Friday with the same greeting....obviously, the creative juices are flowing).

Can I be honest a moment? I've been having mixed feelings over android users having instagram now.  I love it because of the fact I have more friends to stalk follow throughout the day.  However, now that all five of my readers are on instagram, I think you might all be over my insta-Friday post since you've been looking at them all week.

Luckily, I think my Grandparents and my dad are not on instagram yet or just not following me and considering the fact that I have no other post for today, my other three readers will have to live with a recap of our week in instagram.

1. Trying to practice our making it through "the worlds busiest airport" skills or trying to prove to my husband I can make it through the airport alone with a toddler and all our junk.
His concern about it are serious. 

2.  Found these Tervis Tumblers during our weekly breakfast date.  
I love my sweet tea and I love Tervis Tumblers.  
So, I think that justifies that I need one of these.

 3.  We had a family lunch date at the park.
This girl looks way too big to be my baby.
Can I just say that kids at the park make me want to homeschool.
They are weirdos.
Even Olivia looks at them like their weird, because they are.  

4.  Rocking her new $1 shades from the dollar section at Target
She's a hipster toddler.
I promise those are organic fruit snacks...just like the Doritos in the camping post.

5.  My beloved black flip flops that I talked about yesterday.


6.  It was a rainy day here Wednesday and we spent most of our day playing in the playroom.
She is now a master tower builder who constantly wears a tutu.
Can you tell that she's at the stage she wants to pick her own clothes now?
 She has been wearing this skirt non stop for weeks now.  

7.  I'm back to wearing spandex twenty years later.  
Obviously, I'm not wearing them to look cool this time around.

 8.  I have been fighting with this child to wear a bow in her head from the moment she was born.  
After 2.5 years of fighting, she suddenly wants to wear a "bobo" in her hair all the time.  
I love the fact she has the belief of going all or nothing size wise. 

Link up with Jeanette:
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Have a Great Weekend!!!


Katie said…
Visiting from Insta-Friday! Your little girl is adorable. I LOVE the last pic of the "bobo". Happy Friday!
Tristan said…
i love that tervis!

OK looks like such a big girl..omg..i just cant get over it!

and i dont even really know what an instagram is..bahaha..but i do enjoy reading your posts!

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