Now, I get it.

For years now, Nicole has been professing her love for the desert.  The rest of us would just roll our eyes and tell her she was living in vacation world and she'd be back to loving Georgia in no time.  We all go through that stage when we go on vacation.

On our second day here, I was professing my love of the desert to David over the phone.

Which is big coming from this self proclaimed "I'll never live outside of the South" girl. 

Its beautiful out here.
Beautiful in a different way of course, but still beautiful.

The first day here, I kept telling David, "everything's brown."
But last night while driving around town looking for somewhere for dinner, all I could notice was the green.

Yes, cactus and palm trees are a far cry from pine trees, but they have their own unique beauty.

No, this is not coming from some vacation fog.  David and I have been talking a lot about what we are looking for in the next area we move to and besides not being a quick drive to family (or having a chick-fil-a), Scottsdale honestly fit every other want, so its hard to walk around town and not love it.

Before my family gets worried that I'm about to drag Olivia across country.  There are Waffles out here, but very slim chances we would ever get sent out this way.

So for now,  I'm going to soak up my last twenty four hours in the desert.

However, now I get it. 


Vegas is the most dessert I've had. Every time I've gone (for work) it's been raining or yucky. Maybe someday I'll have the chance to really enjoy it! Beautiful picture!
Tristan said…
glad your having a good time!!!

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