Heading to the Desert

By the time your reading this, Livi and I will be boarding a plane and heading west to spend a week with these guys

Please say a prayer.


I am not a huge fan of flying.

I'm convinced its some kind of black magic and just not natural.  Considering that "learning to fly" is high on his bucket list, David just rolls his eyes when I feel the need to explain this to him every single time we drive by the airport....which is at least a few times a month.

 This is my first time flying alone.

The icing on the cake, first time flying alone with a toddler who has never flown before.

See, prayers are needed.

While your at it, please say a prayer for this dude....

Friday evening when heading out to meet Dave for dinner, I saw him at a stoplight.  That, I'm 95% sure, is a pet rat in a hermit crab cage strapped to the back of his bike.

Obviously, he needs prayers too.


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