"Your about to be 30....go wild."

I got a few request for a pic of my hair. I didn't post a finished pic on Friday because of course, there's a story to go along with.

Back up to last Monday when I get a call from Nic asking if I need my hair done "tomorrow." She had heard about a great BOGO deal and knows I'm always needing the grays covered.

Later that afternoon, I'm sharing with Dave I'm going to get my hair done and by a professional, so naturally the "what are you going to do?" question pops up. Having no clue, I did what I always do now...I hop on Pinterest for some ideas.

I went to My Style board to see what I had pinned there and I noticed a couple of hairstyles have a similar trend going on.



I like the look of the darker on top and lighter on bottom. Its called an Ombre' for those who are hair challenged like myself. Thank goodness I have friends who are a much more trendier than myself and can inform me of the technical terms.

I show the pics to Dave and his response "your about to be 30....go wild." In other words, the look got his approval.

I'm in the process of growing my hair out still, after that dumb decision to cut it all off when Olivia was about six months old. Unfortunately, its not growing too fast. I brought up the subject of getting extensions to Dave and we agreed that if they were a certain price, it would be a possibility and I'd be closer to my hair goal above. So along with my color appointment, I got an appointment for a consultation with the extension specialist.

When we get to the salon, I meet with the extension specialist and show her my pictures. I told her I didn't expect to walk out looking just like that and she informs me "Oh, I can make it happen."

For $1200.

Imagine me falling out of the chair and onto the floor.

I sent a text to Dave with the price (knowing full well it would not be an option) and his response "you know what I can get for $1200?" Sorry, that's an inside joke, but if you think about something inappropriate a male would say, I'm sure you can figure out what he was talking about and then it might be funny to you.

Needless to say, I didn't walk out of there looking like that.

I went ahead and started the process of the getting the lighter color. Because of my hair being so dark and the fact its only had blond highlights in it once ten years ago, it's a process and she couldn't go that blond in one sitting without ruining my hair. Right now its a little more caramel than blond, but next go round, it will be a little more blonder.

(Excuse the awkward pic, mom wanted a pic of it and I was home alone)

Of course, this was the day I got it done and it has not looked that nice and curled since. I'm trying to learn how to curl it and have been Youtubing videos. I think I need a bigger barrel because my curls are looking nothing like this. I've just worn it straight the last two days and it doesn't look as pretty that way.

Its one of those hairstyles though that people either get it or don't. I think most people don't like it considering most people haven't even mentioned it to me. I have had a few people who say they love it.

David being one of them and that's really the only opinion that matters.

Plus, I like it. I do want it a little more blond and a little longer, but it will get there.

Any tips on curling? I could really use some.


Elizabeth said…

Curling tips?? The only place I could recommend is Pinterest, but Pink Lou Lou has a great tutorial on her site for extensions. You would have to get your right color of course, but it's really interesting. :)

Tristan said…
i've never seen anything like it! But,i do think it looks cool!!!

tips on curling..ha..put stuff in it outta the showe and sleep on it..ha..thats what i do!

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