Still Smiling.

Though a hard week, this week still gave me a few smiles...

Pretty Books

This one falling asleep in her daddy's lap.

A much needed pedicure

Olivia literally going crazy over this car....
Its an Aston Martin if your not familiar....I wasn't. Sister was asking repeatedly to go see it throughout our mall trip on Friday and even though I told her not to touch, she had to run her fingers down the side saying "awww....pretty." She is for sure a car freak, which fits perfectly in this family. My Dad's side of the family was blessed with nothing but girls, but the men still instilled their love of cars in all four of us girls. Olivia is just carrying on the tradition. I told her Daddy he better start saving, cause at a mere $128,000, girl has expensive taste!

73 in February...Yes, Please!!!

Finally figuring out how to use the scissors correctly after months of frustration.

Officially a daddy of a daughter now!

Have A Happy Weekend! : )


Kameron said…
It helps to pick out the little things that make you smile and distact from the bad! Hugs!

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