Valentines with a Nudest

Sorry that its Thursday and I'm just getting around to posting this week....and I had been doing so good the past few weeks! Boo!

Actually, I did sit down and wrote a post last night. However, by the time I was finished and went back to read it....I felt like I did nothing but complain throughout it. Though this week hasn't necessarily been one to go down in the history books, it hasn't been a bad one. I don't want to look back and see all I did was look at the negative.

To sum things up....its just been one of those weeks I've felt like I couldn't get a grip on anything. However, after writing my Debbie Downer post last night, I got to work on the things that I could control (i.e. doing something with my much neglected house) and woke up this morning with a whole new perspective on the week.

Moving on....


Our Valentines Day this year was filled with lots of little moments that I wanted to remember.

David and I went out last Friday night to celebrate with a special dinner and a night at home alone. Though it was a nice evening together and the dinner was great, I felt like our actual Valentines Day was filled with more love and fun.

Monday afternoon, I ran into the Wally World to grab Valentines for Olivia's class party the next morning. (Yeah...nothing creative from Pinterest because I had totally forgot till I saw everyone walking out with heart balloons on Monday afternoon). While in there, I decided I wanted to get her a little something to wake up to the next morning. I decided on a movie, a barbie doll, and a balloon. Yeah, I spent way too much money. Especially since many of you read on facebook how her behavior the few days before had me in tears at several different moments.

Valentines morning, I went busting into her room yelling "Happy Valentine's Day!!!" She looked at me in her half awake state and grumpily asked "what's that?" I spent the next two minutes trying to explain and settled on "its a day you get presents from Mommy and Daddy. There's something for you in the living room." At that point she was wide awake and tore off running into the living room. She was thrilled with her presents for 2.5 seconds and at the end of the day, I learned once again that I could have saved $30 and just bought the dang balloon.

You'd think I'd know by now.

Later that afternoon, I was anxious to get my gift from David that was being dropped off by the UPS guy. For some reason the UPS guy likes to play games with me and put packages in a different place every time he comes by. So, after checking all his favorite hiding spots for twentieth time that afternoon, Olivia finally asked me what I was doing. I said "looking to see if Daddy's gift for mommy got here." She put her hands to her cheeks (Home Alone style) and said excitedly "ooooh.....balloons?"

I about died right there from the sweetness.

But also thanked God that my husband knows me a little better than to have the UPS guy drop off a bouquet of balloons. No offense if that's your thing, balloons just don't do it for me like they do for my two year old.

I get spoiled on Valentine's Day usually. In my defense, we don't do Christmas gifts for each other. Nor do we really celebrate the little holidays like Mothers day or Fathers day. So the hubby spoils me on Valentine's Day and my birthday.

Also, my love language is gifts. Technically, words of affirmation tied with it, but David and I both laughed at that one. We both know how I really work, so my hubby twice a year really speaks my love language to me.

I ended up with a new little camera that I am actually allowed to take out of the house, since we all know I'm not responsible when taking my big camera out. The big camera had been left places one too many times for his comfort.

I never claim to be a wiz at using my big camera, but its weird going from a nicer camera to a smaller one. Regardless, I feel much more comfortable taking the little one out...say on a trip to Disney....than the nicer one. At almost 30, I'm just not responsible enough to carry a $500 camera out of the house.

I also scored a new blog design from Designer Blogs and a Vintage Pearl necklace that I had been drooling over for about a year now. The new blog design should be up within the next few days and I have a couple of weeks for the necklace to arrive.

Like I said, he did good.

Right before dinner, I went out to check the mail and found Olivia had received a card from her GG. I handed it to her to open and she was ecstatic to find two bills inside it. She then proceeded to run to me, hand me one of the bills and said "this is for mommy." Then she handed the other one to David and proclaimed "this is for daddy." She held the card up in the air and exclaimed "this is Livias!"

I once again died from the sweetness. I promised her GG we'll take her shopping with it and not keep it for ourselves. I'm sure though I could just buy her $10 worth of balloons and the child would be in heaven.

Originally, I told Dave we'd do something simple and on the actual day go out as a family (i.e. Chick-fil-a), but it was a cold and rainy day so after I dropped OK off at school, I ran to the store and grabbed something to make instead. I thought I'd get all fancy and decorated the dinner table with a tablecloth and candles. I had some Michael Buble going in the background and even splurged for a $9 bottle of champagne. It was really romantic especially the part of eating with a two year old who is currently a nudest.

Nothing says love like eating in the nude.

For the record, Dave and I were fully clothed. She's been solo on this nudest thing she's got going.

However, Dave and I may or may not have been the ones to drink an entire bottle of pink Moscato champagne in one night.

Though I'm kinda wondering if Twiggy stole a few sips.

As you can see, she was thrilled about Valentines Day!


Tristan said…
haha..oh this post!
we are slackers together!!

love reading about your week!
The Popes said…
LOVE the design! Happy, Happy!

And spending that $10 on balloons is a good investment. The ones from Gabe's party are still on my ceiling and the ones you got Josie are played with EVERY day!
Kameron said…
Naked toddlers. No one tells you about this, but it seems to be a common theme! My son would get naked every chance he got. Thankfully he is over that now...4 1/2 year olds who get naked would seem a bit odd!

Glad you had a nice Valentine's day! I keep saying I need a point and shoot to carry around

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