This weeks smiles...

Sorry, I took the last two days to enjoy my hubby while he was off.

Here's the little things that made me smile this week....

1. Waking up Thursday morning to see this time on my phone.

2. Twirly Ballerinas

3. Hide and Seek: Facetime Edition

(On a side note: I have no idea how we ever lived without facetime for so long. Can I get an Amen, especially from those with Grandparents living in a different state?)

4. Spur of the moment lunch dates with the hubby and beautiful February weather

Oh, and the 7 pepper sirloin salad....delicious!

5. The runner's strip bench at the track.

6. Garage stoop reading while waiting for a little girl to finish her car nap.

7. Starting a new bible study.

8. Lunch Dates with Papa

9. These silly kids.

10. Going to get my hair did at a true Salon for the first time in a year.

Yeah, I should just be ashamed to admit that.

What are you smiling about this week?


The Popes said…
I'm glad I'm not the only one that was taking my self portrait while getting my hair done! I was nervous you would see me and make fun of me!
Elizabeth said…
I love this post!

I wanna see the new hair do! :)

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