Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.....

This week started off on a good note, but has quickly went downhill fast.

I'm too the point I just keep singing to myself to just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Olivia has come down with a cold the past two days and is no longer sleeping. She's been getting up earlier and earlier each day and several times throughout the night. When I say getting up earlier, I mean 5:15 am early. Plus, David has had unit managers on vacation the past two weeks, so we've been getting calls from hourly employees all night long for the past two weeks. I seriously cannot remember the last night I got a full nights sleep.

On top of that, Olivia has been a handful these past few weeks. I don't know whether to chalk it up to the terrible twos or what, but she's been going in that full force mode that makes me so frustrated. I've had several nights at the end of the night that all I can do is sit and cry after dealing with her all day long. I love her to the core, but she is so high strung at times and can be so frustrating to deal with. Yes, she is adorable and loveable, but she is not a easy child.

There has been a death in my family and its bringing with it, many emotions we're having to deal with.

I only got out and ran once last week because of pure laziness. I started this week pumped up and excited to get to run again, only to realize Olivia was on winter break all week, which really screws up my running schedule. Blah!

The cat seriously just puked up a hair ball on the flipping carpet not even a foot away from the tile floor.

And Olivia just threw a freaking belt across the room and it hit me right in the face.


Screw the budget today, we're heading to Marshall's for some retail therapy.

I promise to be back with a more uplifting post next time.

Yeah, she's eating three suckers at once....it does no good to hide the candy when you have a kid who isn't afraid to scale walls. I took them away and all the candy got chucked.


Kameron said…
We had a few weeks where everyone in the house was sick and both kids were getting up every night. It wears on you a lot. I hope Olivia feels better soon and things get back to normal. As for the 2's. They are prooving rough with Arielle too. She is so sassy and makes the hugest messes...add that tot he continuous instances of poopoing in the tub and I am about to lose it with her too. You are right though, just keep swimming and you'll make it through the jellyfish. ;)
Tristan said…
oh my.
i hope you get some much needed relax time soon.
praying for you..hang in there!!

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