Monday Morning Brain Dump

~Last night we watched till half time and then switched it over to Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey was way more interesting than the game in my personal opinion. I thought Madonna rocked it. Especially for 53. The only commercial I thought was worthy of mention was the Clint Eastwood commercial. Dave and I were ready to vote him in for president after that 60 seconds.

~We had a quiet but busy weekend. I got spring fever last week and busted out a few projects around the house that I've been wanting to tackle. None of them are completely done still, so no pics. I promise some day soon, I'll show some house pics. The last time I showed any were right after we moved in and its come a long way since then.

~The biggest event of our weekend was celebrating the birthdays of our favorite Aunti Aubry and Uncle Jeremy. We headed over to their house for dinner and cookie cake. It was all delicious and these two are just too cute! And their house is so cute!

(all pics are courtesy of my cousin Abby. I stole them from her fb)

~This is my baby cousin Abby's best friend Kagen. As you can see, she's a life sized barbie doll. Not only is she beautiful, she's a sweet girl too. Olivia was loving her on Saturday night, especially since she's suddenly into barbie, and Kagen was so sweet to put up with her new little fan all night.

~I have a hard time getting into reading anything this year so far. The couple of things I've read, I've been forcing myself to get through. Our bookclub pick this month is one I've struggled with, but everyone keeps telling me to stick with it. With only a week left till this months meeting, I'm not feeling to hopeful.

~We're celebrating our Valentine's Day this upcoming weekend in a different way and I'm so excited about it. I'll share the details next week.

~Thanks for the compliments and tips for my hair.

~Someone asked the other day how the running was going and I'm happy to report its still going well. Last week was the first week that I just wasn't into it though I'll be honest, but I still went out and did my minimal runs needed for the week. I'm chalking it up to being a female last week and I really didn't feel like doing anything if you catch my drift. I'm heading into week six this week and excited to be crossing over that halfway mark in the program I'm using.

~I'm itching for a dog again. Before stones start to fly, I've always been a dog person and even after Bella, we've said we wanted to get another dog when the time was right. This time however, I want to go big.....David and I have ALWAYS wanted a Great Dane. We seriously even have a book on Great Danes (dork alert!!). We know you have to get them as puppys and we know that they take a great deal of time and training. I feel like that we may be at a time we can take it on right now. We're not planning on a baby or any other additions to the family any time soon, Olivia is at a much better age now, and we actually have the space for a Great Dane. I've been sending David random pics of Great Danes for the last two weeks. Maybe he'll get the hint.


I mean that not the sweetest?

Happy Monday friends! : )


Jennifer said…
I totally agree with you on the Clint Eastwood commercial. I felt the same way! (o:

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