This weeks smiles...

David and I are off to celebrate our special Valentine's dinner tonight. I'm hoping it all works out and I will share on Monday. I'm totally getting spoiled this Valentine's day.

In no particular order, here are a few things that made me smile this week....

1. Two year olds

2. Birthday cake....seriously, somethings wrong with you if birthday cake doesn't make you smile!

3. Speaking of birthday cake, these two newlyweds. I think they're pretty cute!

4. February bonfires

For the record....the most awkward conversations come out when my family sits around a bonfire....Helen Keller jokes anyone???

5. Monday morning routines

6. My longest run to date

7. The cartoon Arthur....there are few cartoons I can take and Arthur happens to be one of them. I'm so thankful that OK has suddenly become a fan too!

8. Encouraging text from a best friend.

9. Starbucks Valentines Cup

10. Bumper stickers Dave and I are ordering for our cars

Just kidding, but I couldn't resist.

What made you smile this week?


The Branches said…
ha ha those are great! I am loving the new SB Valentine cup too! I want that cookie cake in my belly!
The Popes said…
If I don't see that sticker on your car tonight I'm going to cry!
Anonymous said…
I'm lovin' the bumper sticker :)
Amy King

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