Randomness for Wednesday

David was off on the actual real Monday and Tuesday, so I woke up today feeling like it was really Monday. It honestly took me a little bit this morning to register that it wasn't actually Monday. Waffle House people are known for saying.... "in the real world, what day is it?" Did you know that Waffle House makes up their own weeks and calendars. True story. Their years somehow have 13 months instead of 12. How is that??? We have yet to figure. The Waffle House Gods declare it and we all just nod and go with it. It's a crazy world we live in.

After my "coming out" post. My lifelong BFF Alison left me a comment saying she thought I was going to be awesome at homeschooling. It made my week. I gushed about it to David because Alison is a teacher. She even has her Masters in teaching. It means a lot to a (potential) homeschooling parent for an degree holding, public school teacher to say something like that. Believe me, she wasn't just saying that to be nice. We're close enough that she has no problem telling me what she really thinks....she's older and wiser...she will be the big 3-0 very soon! ; ) Thanks for making my day Alison!!! : )

My awesome MIL called Monday evening and offered to keep OK on Tuesday, so we could have a date day. We dropped her off and headed to see The Help. David wanted to see this movie I was gushing about and of course, I didn't mind seeing it again. I have to admit, I cried just as hard the second time as the first. I'm a total sap.

We did hear from our caseworker Monday. She sent over a part of the kids evaluations and asked us to read over it and let her know. We read it, talked over it, and decided we did want to move forward to meet them. And.....we haven't heard a word since. I know it's driving everyone crazy (us too), but there's not much to do but keep on waiting. I have a inkling that we're waiting for their caseworker. Our caseworker is on the ball with stuff and has a reputation of being the best in our area. She sends me copies of all emails she exchanges and looking at the times the emails are sent, she's pretty quick to respond. The kids caseworker....not so much. So, I will definitely let everyone know when we know something. I honestly check my phone probably every two minutes during the day now. Keep the prayers coming.

My birthday is coming up very soon. I'm not sad or necessary excited about it. These past two years though, I have realized that having a child with a birthday so close to your own, kinda puts your mind off your own birthday. Last night, my MIL was trying to ask what I wanted for my birthday and I kept talking about Olivia's. I've got issues evidently. Pre-kid days, I always declared I had a birthday week, now, not so much. In fact, David even admitted to me a few days ago that he knew my birthday was coming soon, but he had honestly forgotten it was so close. I told him I understood.

Yes, I totally just posted a potty picture.


Tristan said…
sounds like y ou have lots going on!

how is OK doing with potty time?

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