It can all change in an instant.

My hubby came home yesterday after working all day long (no seriously...he didn't walk in till after 10pm after leaving the house at 6am that morning), and he said "well, aren't we just a ray of sunshine on our blog today."

Ha! Sorry.

Sometimes you just feel like letting it all out.

But it's funny though how things can change in an instant.

Yesterday afternoon, not even an hour after I wrote my post, I got an email from our caseworker and we're finally making progress to add to our family. We're not ready to share all the info, but basically we went from no one wanting to pick us, to us getting to be the ones picking and choosing. Crazy!?!

So yesterday afternoon, my attitude went from...."I'm bummed about everything right now," to "maybe everything is working out just like we wanted it to, I can't believe it!!!!" kinda attitude.

It's not that I'm not thankful everyday for the life we have been given, just sometimes it's easy to get frustrated with where your at. I know that David and I are bad about waiting for the next big thing in our lives, instead of enjoying the moment we're in (But, when you've got baby's hard to not think of anything else constantly).

So today I woke up with a better attitude and a better picture of where we're headed these next few months.

Today we got pictures of kids, more info, and we're going into next week making a decision that will change our lives (and others) forever.

No pressure.

But we're trusting God to point us in the right direction.

(No, these pictures have nothing to do with the post, but they've been floating around on my computer and you know the Grandparents need some pics of the baby girl! )


Tristan said…
i always need to see pics of the cutie pie too!!

and i'm glad things are looking up..yay!!

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