Can't you at least act like you like me???

Yesterday morning, we headed out to OK's open house to meet her teacher. We actually are kinda lucky because we happen to go to church with her teacher, so it made things a little easier for mama.

We walked into the classroom and as I expected, OK walked in like a boss.

The kid owned the place and walked in like she goes there every single day.

She walked right in, turned to me, said "bye," and went to playing. Of course, the rest of the parents and her teachers got a good laugh. Her teacher, Mrs. A, exclaimed "Olivia's ready!" Which, she is.

While Olivia was content moving from toy to toy, the rest of the kids in her class were hanging onto their parents and talking to Mrs. A about how to handle the first day and the crying.

As I sat there watching everyone else around me, it kinda made me sad that Olivia wasn't acting at least one bit like she was attached to me. I wanted to yell across the room to her "can't you at least act like you like me and attached at my hip, not like your dying to get away from me????"

But, the reality is, she's ready for something different. Our days are starting to drag on and yes, we both drive each other crazy. I've finally come to terms that we're both just alike and that's why we're always clashing. She's too young to get involved in any outside activities or homeschool co-ops, so this is the next best thing. Right now, we currently don't too often get a break from each other, so we both need this at the moment.

I know when her first day comes next week, I'll be happy that she's not clingy or crying. Will it be easier on me? Probably not, but hopefully it will give Mrs. A and Mrs. J a easier week to at least have one not crying the entire three hours.

Don't worry though, the morning however did not go without any tears. When leaving open house, Stevie Nicks came on the radio singing "Landslide" and I shed enough tears for the both of us.


Tristan said…
oh goodness..i would have been a
she is getting toooo big!!

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