A blessing & The Help

Good morning.

I'm blogging from my front porch this morning and the weather is wonderful at the moment. There is a hint of coolness (a tee-tiny hint) in the air that reminds me of fall mornings. Maybe we don't have much longer of this heat and those cool mornings with warm afternoons will be here soon.

Olivia and I are going on day four of no car and being stuck at the house all day. It's not fun and I never realized just how inconvenient it is to not have a car. We're both going stir crazy. We finally sold our SUV last week, after almost two months of trying. It was such a blessing. Our plan is to use part of the money to buy something bigger and the rest to buy stuff for whoever comes into our home (i.e. beds, clothes, car seats, etc.). It's been something that even though we knew it would all work out eventually, we were starting to get a little worried about it. The crazy part is we sold it to someone who lives in our smallish town. The guy said he had been all over the north side of Atlanta looking for one and we had the exact one he wanted (or actually his wife wanted) right here in our little town. I love little crazy things like that.

So, in our quest to become more practical....i.e. drive cars that don't cost an arm and leg to fill the tank....we're looking for a mini van for me. Yes, I know I'm eating my words again when we bought the little car a few months ago and I said I would only have kids that will fit in the back seat of that car. Well, I will tell you this much about our expanding family.....they come three for the price of one. So, we need more room and cannot afford to fill up a suburban every time we leave the driveway....so we're looking at swagger wagons.

And can I be honest and tell you that I'm excited about it. Several of our friends have broke down the last few years and gone the mini-van way of life. Besides the fact we're all closer to 30 then 20, there is no denying we're all adults now. They all love their vans and I've been admiring them from afar. Until now....I can join the cool mini-van owner club soon. Be jealous.

Thursday night, my bestest friends and I loaded up in Sheena's mini van....cause we're cool moms like that....and headed to the big city for dinner, shopping, and a movie. It's hard to get all of use together at the same time due to schedules, but on Thursday night it made me realize just how much I miss all of us together. After dinner and a little shopping, we headed to see The Help. Can I just say how much I loved it????


We read the book almost two years ago for bookclub and the book has remained one of my all time favorites. The movie did not disappoint. I feel like this should be required reading/watching for every one. It's hard to believe that people were treated that way just on the basis of the color of their skin. It's even harder to believe that it wasn't that long ago. Yes, I cried several times throughout the movie....Amy bawled! ; ) I would love to see it again. I think David and I are going to try to go see it sometime this week. I know he'll love it too! If you haven't seen it yet, please go see it. If you only see one movie a year, this should be it.

Our weekend has been pretty quiet so far. So much so, even have nothing to do a weekend post. David has had a busy weekend with work the past few days and putting in long hours. Olivia and I are stuck at the house because he needs the car for work, so we've just been driving each other crazy. We went to look at a minivan last night, but it was a no go. We weren't that impressed with it for the price. But we ended up at The Varsity for dinner, which is always good day in my book. I started to make preparations for our hopefully growing family and painted what has been our guest room. I had been putting off doing anything with it since we moved in because I knew either way we would be using it for more kids regardless. It needed painting regardless, so that's one more thing checked off our never ending project list.

I'm in love with the color and tempted to repaint my entire house in it. I'm being serious. It's the first room I've ever done entirely on my own. Usually David always trims while I roll, but since I successfully trimmed this one, he may let me get away with saying statements like that now. Normally he just rolls his eyes.

Our case worker comes back to work tomorrow, so we're hoping to hear something from her tomorrow. I'll keep everyone updated of course. Hoping to be able to meet the kids sometime this week!!!! : )

One day last week, I heard OK in her room over the monitor. I grabbed my camera and tried to sneak in there to see what she was up to. I found her laying on her big bed covered up and reading her favorite book at the moment. Of course she had gotten the nasty blanket out of her crib and was sucking away on it. I will say it made my heart smile to find her cuddled up like that. I snapped a picture and then snuggled up in the bed with her to read. Those are the moments I love.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! : )


Amy said…
I like how y'all get a kick out of picking on the emotional one! The funny thing is that I'm sitting here the whole time going "I am not that bad" then I look on your side bar for my blog, saw your new tab and said awwwww. yup, I'm totally sappy and that's why you love me

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