100 things (26-43)....

Here's 1-25 in case you missed it.

26. I do not drink the last of the milk in the jug. I'll drink the last of the sweet tea, the last of the diet coke, the last of the wine, but NEVER the milk. Why this is??? No earthly clue and only something that has developed in my adult years!

27. One of my biggest fears is one of my children getting ran over by a car in our own driveway.

28. I can be a bit sarcastic....okay, I'm usually very sarcastic.

29. I did not realize the importance of female friendships until I became a mother.

30. If I could wear flip-flops everyday for the rest of my life and never wear "real" shoes again, I'd be okay with that.

31. Even though I've said "I'd survive," if anything ever where to happen to husband, I don't think I'd survive without him. He really is my rock.

32. Unloading the dish washer and putting up the clean laundry are my most hated household chores.

33. I in all honesty want an iphone just for the camera. I'm jealous when I see all over facebook and blog great pictures taken with iphones (Blackberry's take awful pictures).

34. I like the idea of travel, but I'm really a homebody.

35. I cannot hear Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything" and not break down in tears.

36. I am known for my dishwasher loading skills. I load a dishwasher better than anyone I know and I've even been asked at dinner parties or holidays to come help load the dishwasher. No lie.

37. I have an obsession with pens and other office supplies.

38. The Help is probably my all time favorite book.

39. I can cry at the drop of a hat.

40. I'm not one to be afraid of confrontation.

41. I'm officially addicted to Pinterest.

42. My "I know I'll never ever in a million years" dream job would be to be a country music singer.

43. I cannot sing to save my life.


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