A couple of updates


I finally bite the bullet and bought a new blog layout. I was tired of the last one and ready for a change. I've been looking for a few months now and finally found a pre-made that fit most of my wants. I know the blog currently looks a little funny, but it's still a work in progress and hopefully I'll get my new header soon. I kinda thought that maybe if I bought a new layout, I might want to blog more.

We'll see....

I figured tonight, I'll give y'all an update on a couple of things.

First off, we finally got a email from our case worker last week. About two weeks before that, David had emailed her asking if there was any update on the progress of our homestudy and the sibling group she had told us about. A little over two weeks went by and we didn't hear a thing from her. She finally emailed David last Wednesday and said our homestudy was still waiting for final approval and that she was still looking out for a match for us. So, we took that as the sibling group went to someone else, or she found out more info about them and decided they were not the right fit for us. Either way, we still believe strongly that God will send us the right children at the right time. We honestly weren't that upset about it, we were actually just glad to finally get a response from them. It's nice to know we haven't been completely forgotten about just yet.

To be completely honest, we're really hoping for only two. We told them that in our homestudy interview, but we know how they work and they'll call you with anything. With taking in three, we would have to get a new car and ideally, we'd like to keep my car a couple more years. Plus, I'm not 100% decided yet wether I would like to get pregnant again or not. Our ideal number of kids is 3 or 4. We don't want to go over four and I go back and forth about having another one of our own (David doesn't care either way~he is leaving that decision to me), so if we are to take in three, having another one of our own would kinda be decided for us. Which, that still may very well be the case of what happens. Only time will tell.

Secondly, it's kinda surprised me how many people have asked me in the last week or two how I'm doing on my Gone with The Wind challenge. I'm still trucking along. I had to stop for a few days and read this months bookclub book, but I picked it right back up after. I'm about 70% through it....which on a side note, you can tell who owns a kindle when you ask them about a book and they tell you how far they are by a percentage.....I'm hoping to finish it within the next week.

Third...it's freezing here (which I guess is not technically an update, but I wanted to complain about it). Today was the first time I believe I've ever cooked chili for dinner and wore a sweatshirt in May (and was still cold). We have had the heat on for the last two days. The cold weather is putting me in the mood for Christmas. I'm seriously about to ask David if we can watch a Christmas movie tonight...I'm sure he be all for that! Please come back summer temperatures, or at least Spring!!!

Hope your having a happy Tuesday!!! : )


Tristan said…
God DOES know the perfect kiddos :)

yay for reading books!

and seriously..it is freezing here toO!

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