Baby Love

At Olivia's 15 month check up in January, her pediatrician asked me if she had started showing any interest in baby dolls yet. She hadn't really, so I said no and the doctor said that most babies start at 18 months, so I may notice it within the next couple of months.

A few months went by and she hadn't taken any notice of her three baby dolls she owns, but I didn't think anything of it and have never pushed them. This past month though, she started to pick them up more and more.

In last week though, it seems she hasn't been able to put them down.

Like always, there is one in particular that she is attracted to and unfortunately it's not that American girl Bitty Baby that her Grandparents got as a special 1st birthday gift. We purposely got her the Bitty Baby at a young age in the hopes that she would take to it, cause let's be honest, some of those wal-mart babies are plain evil looking. No luck just yet, she's gone for the $10 Target baby instead.

I have to say that I'm loving watching her interacting with her babies. She holds them the right way, she feeds them, she loves on them, she takes them for rides in her car or wagon, she pushes them in the baby stroller. For some reason, it makes her seem so much older.

It's crazy and scary how much she grown and changed since hitting that 18 month mark. She seems more and more like a little person and less and less like a baby everyday. Some days I look at her and think "where did my baby go?" I know I'll be saying that for the rest of my life, but still, it's hard to wrap your head around somedays.

Oh and in case you haven't noticed....she doesn't wear clothes too much when we're home.


Tristan said…
omg her hair is so long..loove it!!

and i seriously think that t-a has been playing with dolls since 11 months..haha..she loves them! she loves the cheapest baby she has too..ahhhh..crazy
Kameron said…
If it were warmer here I'd have a couple of nakey kids myself! Her hair is getting so long! Arielle is just 18 months today and it is amazing me and making me so sad that she doesn't look like a baby anymore. I can't wait for her to start playing with her babies. She has a couple too and hasn't shown much interest.
Laura said…
Her smiles make me smile! You can totally tell which pictures she is laughing in! I love it!

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