100 Things about me (#1-25)

*This post accidentally was posted a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't actually finished it yet. So, due to request, I finally sat down to finish it. Your welcome, Nic!*

I've been thinking about doing a 100 things about me post for some time now. I've seen them throughout the blog world for a while now, but I always would never do it since I thought it was kinda "look at me!!!" type of thing. Which is ironic since I do have a blog. In all honesty, I LOVE when other bloggers do a similar post. I always feel like I get to know them better. The other week, Andrea from j and A & Co., wrote a post that changed my perspective on it, so I'm going for it.

Here it goes....

1. In my life I've been the only child, the oldest child, and the middle child. Currently, I'm an only and a middle.

2. I LOVE to read....like, REALLY love to read. I can sit here, read all day, and be a happy girl.

3. I'm OCD, but I'm OCD about the weirdest stuff. Like, I cannot take drawers or cabinet doors left half open. I always have my radio pre-sets in a certain order and have had them in the same order in all four cars I've owned in my driving career. I cannot take clocks being on the incorrect time. All the clocks in our house are on the correct time. Which leads to the next one...

4. Being late is my BIGGEST pet peeve!!!! I am usually always ten minutes early to anywhere we go. The reason is because when I was growing up, we were late to church EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY and I always walked into Sunday school late. Being a quiet and shy kid with coke bottle glasses and a bad perm....it was traumatizing to have EVERYONE in the class stare at you when you walked in late.

5. When I was in first grade, for career day, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a mommy. They said my parents needed to broaden my horizons.

6. After almost seven years of college off and on, I still don't know what I want to do with my life. I was just happy being a professional student.

7. The Golden Girls is my all time favorite television show.

8. I was a vegetarian for about six months when I was a freshman in high school.

9. I'm deathly scared of snakes. I will start crying if they are way too close to me.

10. I ran track for about eight years. I always ran sprints (i.e. 100yrds, 200yrds.) in track and my second year on the high school track team, I got put into a mile race to sub for someone else and came in first place.

11. I am horrible with money (thankfully, David is not).

12. I love anything that deals with History.

13. I want to live in near a beach in Florida one day.

14. If it wasn't for Chic-fil-A, I would probably still be a vegetarian. Chick-fil-a is also usually the only chicken I eat. If we go out to eat, I will rarely order chicken.

15. When I get really angry, I get shaky and start crying. Which sucks, cause then people think I'm just a baby.

16. My top five movies are Gone with the Wind, Steel Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, The Family Stone, and Disney's Beauty & The Beast.

17.I cannot sleep with socks on. They drive me insane.

18. I'm one of the few women who thinks it's a waste for my hubby to buy me flowers.

19. I could eat Mexican and Pizza five times a week.

20. I have always been totally convinced I would only have boys. I had always imagined nothing but ALL boys for David and I. I was in complete shock when they said "it's a girl!"

21. I bite my fingernails. A nasty habit, I know!

22. I usually listen to country music.

23. When I was a baby, I had to wear shoes that were attached to a bar and the shoes were on the wrong side. It was pitiful.

24. I realize that I'm one of the very few people on the planet that doesn't really like ice cream. I'll eat it, but usually it's not my desert of choice.

25. I kissed David (on the cheek) for the first time in 10th grade. A whole two years before we started dating.

To be continued....


Tristan said…
hahaha..i am so ocd like that!!

we are so much alike..hahaha
Elizabeth said…
I can relate to numbers 4, 19, and 22! :)
Alison said…
I remember you being late with the perm and glasses!
Kameron said…
My mom was perpetually late when we were young too and the worst was being late for church. I think it has made me compulsively early too. I get so anxious if I'm going to be late!

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