this mother's day

~I got to have some girl time with just her and her. No kids. No husbands. It rarely happens it's just us. We got to talk without interruptions, we laughed, we drank coffee after 3pm, and went to our other place of worship. It was awesome.

~I woke up Sunday and had breakfast delivered for me and baby girl. Along with a frozen coffee just for me.

~I got to sleep in past 7 and my usual early bird slept in till 10. I got to sit and eat my delivered breakfast in peace and quiet.

~Had two very sweet cards waiting for me on my nightstand. One had an Outback gift card in it. Only a few will understand why that is hilarious and the perfect representation of our marriage.

~Heard a wonderful Mother's Day message at church. It was a nice reminder that I am a awesome wife and mother, and to stop continuously comparing myself to what society tells me I should be doing, looking like, or needing.

~I am waiting for a Mother's Day gift that I'm super excited about. Yes, he actually is getting me something, but it would not be available till next week, and it's not a "oh, I forgot and it won't be here till next week" kinda thing. I'll post about it when it gets here.

~Had a relaxing afternoon and did of all things, sewed a little something for Olivia. I was in the mood to sew and that's all I had to work on.

~My wonderful in-laws came down and we ate a dinner completely cooked by my hubby. He stuffed us with grilled fish, veggies, and a ton of other yummy stuff. I did clean up the dishes because I was starting to twitch not doing anything all day.

~We ate this for dessert and it was divine. One of my new favorite desserts.

~I started looking at Mother's Day in a different light. This year (even though I was) it wasn't about being pampered and celebrated, I spent most of the day celebrating the fact I am blessed to be called "mama." Last year, I guess I was so sleep deprived, I didn't think much of the day. This year however, I realized what a true gift motherhood is and how thankful I am to be a mother. That in its self, is the best Mother's Day gift I have received.


Tristan said…
glad you had a good weekend!!!!

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