My new love...

I'm spending the day cleaning and getting ready for bookclub tonight, so I thought I would share with you my newest love...

My Mom got one of these Shark Steam Mops awhile ago and has been raving about it since. When we moved into this house six months ago, I quickly decided that I had to get one. To clean all the tile in our house, it takes 8 swiffer pads. No lie. It eats up a lot of money. Needless to say, I didn't mop my floors as much as I probably should.

I knew the steam mop would be perfect since a. you just wash and reuse the pads (you have to replace the pads every six months or so which are the same cost as one big box of swiffer pads) and b. it uses steam, so I don't ever have to buy any chemicals or cleaner to use with it.

I've been talking about getting one for awhile now, but just never got around to getting one because something else would always come up. My in-laws totally surprised me by getting me one for my birthday a few weeks ago. I didn't even realize I had said something around them about it. Which now brings me to another sad is it that I'm getting steam mops for my birthday and I'm excited about it. Yes, I totally came home and tired it out at 10pm that night.

Anyways...I love this thing. You fill it with tap water, plug it in, wait thirty seconds, and start mopping away. It's seriously that easy. I've been asked if it really cleans and my only answer to that is when I'm done cleaning, the pad is pretty nasty looking, so in my book it's working. Plus, my floors always feel cleaner (i.e. not sticky and the dirty spots are gone). The best part is there is no clean up afterward. You just take the cloth pad off and throw it in the washer. If there is any left over water in the tank, its safe to leave it in for your next use.

I've already figured it out and ours will pay for itself in only four months. We do though have a lot of tile. Plus, starting next year, we're planning on starting with replacing all the carpet with hardwoods and it can also be used on any sealed wood. So, eventually I can use it to clean all of the floors in our house.

They can retail up to $159.99, but you can find them for way cheaper. I know my mom and meme bought theirs from Bed, Bath, & Beyond with a 20% off coupon. I've also found them on for $99.99.

I have since thrown both of my swiffer mops in the trash and can't see myself ever going back!


Kameron said…
I swear steam mops are the talk of the town right now!! I ordered a Haan FS-20 from amazon because I read the reviews and people seemed to like it better. It is supposed to arrive today!! It sounds ridiculous, but I can't wait to mop! You'll have to let me know how that one holds up. I wanted to get it but Aaron vetoed me for the one we ordered.
The Popes said…
GREAT now I need to buy a vacuum AND a steam mop!
Tristan said…
the first i've heasrd of!!

i love my swiffer, but i have a tiny kitchen and just 2 bathrooms!
Ashley said…
I have been wanting one of these for a while now...I've heard nothing but good things about them. Glad you love it!

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