I need a title for this one...

My original title for this post was going to be No Words Needed: 2, but then I thought to myself, um....this one definitely needs words.

How about...

"Can someone explain?"

"I would have loved to be a mosquito on that porch post."

"Those boys are freakin genius, I would have never thought of that!"

Or maybe a "What the...?" will be sufficient enough.

While leaving our local home depot yesterday morning, I was stopped at the red light and looked over to see this. Of course I whipped out the phone, no one would have believed me otherwise.

Which leads to another question....

Do you refer to it as the trailer? an extended cab? or the back of the van?

And do you think they put their kids in it?

Oh and I can guarantee they are regulars at the good ol' waffle!


Kameron said…
Definitely called "Back of a van". I don't care how much modification you make, it's still the back of a van! ha!
Tristan said…
wow...what the what!?
The Edberg's said…
Awesome - I'd have to classify this as an enclosed trailer. Maybe a time-saver since they didn't have to wire in lights or deal with enclosing a bed-style trailer?

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