I turned 11 months old this past Monday.

Mommy says I'm 11 months going on 12 years.

I think I'm big stuff.

Especially since I'm a 100% full-fledged walker.

I'm everywhere and into everything now.

I have no fear.

I'm always climbing onto furniture and getting into things I'm not suppossed to.

Nothing gives me more joy then walking around a carrying my toys.

Especially the heavy ones.

I refuse now to sit still long enough for my mommy to get a non-blurry picture of me.

That's why they all seem out of focus nowadays.

I love playing with my new stroller my Grandma bought me and the baby doll my mommy has deemed "ugly baby."

I've become super attached to my blankie lately and go no where without it.

I even carry it around the house with me during the day.

Sometimes I think I want a paci.

But when mommy gives me one, I have no clue what to do with it and usually put it in backwards.

Did I mention I like to climb on EVERYTHING???


The Popes said…
love the new craft chairs!

AND that her first doll has a name as awesome as Old Baby!

AND I can't believe she will be ONE in a month!
Kameron said…
Once they start walking there is no easy way to get good pictures! Happy 11 months and I can't believe she'll be 1 so soon! Yikes! This year has flown by! I keep remembering when we were both pregnant!!
Tristan said…
holy cow!!! I feel like I was just reading that she was born..wow.
Laura said…
This pictures are absolutely precious and I love seeing her little personality come through in them! I cannot believe she is 11 months! That is crazy!!!

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