Momma Needs These....., Please!!!

Like everyone else, I'm loving the boot craze we're having at the moment.

Last year, I didn't fully embrace the boot wearing because I had just had a baby and was not in right mind. In fact, I can't explain any of my thoughts, nor do I remember what happened anytime between the months of October and May. Dead serious.

Back in August, Big Mama posted a picture of these on one of her fashion Fridays and then Pioneer woman had to go and post them on her blog.

I couldn't get them out of my head since the first time I saw them on Big mama's blog.

They are so not what I would usually pick out, but one good thing about losing my mind to a baby, is I find I've become more adventurous in my wardrobe. Maybe it's because half the stuff in my closet still doesn't fit right (you mama's know what I'm talking about) and I'm having to work with what I got since buying a whole new wardrobe is out of the question. Regardless, I'm embracing it.

I'm not going to put the link up for where I found them because I'm pretty sure that they will soon be out of stock since Pioneer Woman just posted them and whenever she post anything, everyone runs out to buy it. Don't lie...we've all searched the internet to find those fabulous boots she's so famous for. Yes, I found them online, only to find they are "low in stock." That woman has some power.

I also founds these at Kohls.

I first noticed these last month when I ran to Kohls one night with Amy and Nic. At first, I was like "what the...?" but after looking at them again the other night, I realized I actually liked them. They fit perfectly, which any boot lover knows, that's really what makes or breaks a boot. Surprisingly, the hubby liked them too. He was being very sweet and told me to go for them and do something for myself, but I really need to wait till after OK's birthday next week. Even though I have pretty much everything for her party already, I don't want any last minute surprises and not have the money for it.

I promise they are much cuter on than your thinking they will be.

I know I need to go ahead and buy some because if I wait till it's cold enough to actually wear them down here, the stores will already be selling flip flops.


Elizabeth said…
I really like them! I wish I could wear tall boots like that, but they don't look right on my legs since God blessed me with ginormous calves.
The Popes said…

My favorite is that you are wearing them in the mens underware section!
Kameron said…
I love boots and bought my first good pair last year. I just put them on for the first time since Spring and I am thinking I may need to get another couple of pairs.... Now, to get skinny enough to get the skinny jeans that are required to wear them properly is another story! Hmph!
Paige said…
ooh, I love these!! Go ahead, spurge and get them asap because those babies are darling!

I cannot wait to find some for myself, I pray they look right one me!

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