Mid-Week Randomness

~OK's 12 month molars are finally breaking through and David has work functions the next three nights, so I'm going to have to go through this torture alone. It's going to be a long day...ugh! : (

~I have an apology...I've become really bad about commenting on other's blogs. I pretty much just check my Google Reader on my phone now and I haven't found a easy way to comment through it, so I just read them. Any seasoned blogger knows that if you want comments, you gotta leave comments. I love getting comments and I know how they brighten my day, so I need to start doing better to brighten others.

~Fall is finally here and I'm loving it!!! I turned off the air and have had the windows open the past three days!

~I've been complaining for the last month that I have no fall decor and how I need to start buying some, but every year by the time it goes on sale, I'm ready for Christmas and pass by the fall decor sales. Evidently, I shopped them one year because I found a box of fall decor in the attic. It's not much (definitely not a post worth), but it's a beginning.

~Y'all are going to be so proud....we've become addicted to a mainstream television show!!! When I say a mainstream television show, I'm talking about something not on PBS or TLC. We become Glee fans towards the end of the first season and now we've become addicted. Don't be surprised if I just start bursting out in song and dance in everyday life.

~Speaking of which....did you see the Sister Wives on TLC Sunday? Oh, you know I watched it and I have to say I loved it! It was so interesting. You gotta watch it.

~The paint-the-ginormous-living-room project is completed and I'm officially sick of painting. For now.

~Our neighbors are moving for a job transfer and their house is for sale. I really want someone I know (and like/get along with) to move next door. Preferable someone with small children (or one of Olivia's grandparents) who can grow up with my kids (or send her over on days like today). No I don't have any specific family in mind (besides grandparents), I'll be taking applications if anyone is interested.

~Just because....


Ashley said…
We watched Sister Wives and it was definitely...different? Of course we'll be watching every episode.
Tami W said…
I love this picture. Have you been pushing her around in her cart?
Leah said…
Isn't it great when their molars finally come through!
kristen said…
I think a certain cousin of ours needs to get married and move next door to you...ha!
Tristan said…
i need to unpack my fall stuff!!

um..i really want to watch sister wives..can't believe i forgot to dvr it!

and..she is too stinkin funny!

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