Unfortunately, we can't all be the blond Rapunzel.

Several of my friends on facebook have just in the last few weeks drastically cut their hair short.  Let me put it out there that I am not one of those brave people.  Though I have much respect for all of them for being so brave and their cuts look super cute, I like my hair long and long it will stay for a while now.  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I cut it short, I regret it and at some point and time in tears over it.  So, call me a wimp, I don't care....I'm still going to rock the long hair.

However, my poor kid cannot rock the long hair and I have no issues at all with cutting her's short. 

If you've been reading long enough, you know Olivia didn't have hardly any hair till she was about two and a half, by that time she was rocking the toddler mullet.  So, after a couple of "you can do it" pep talks from a few other mom friends, I cut her hair to just above shoulder length at the beginning of last summer and it looked super cute on her.  It was like she finally had hair!

Last fall she asked me if she could grow it out like Rapunzel.  Though I loved it short, I agreed.  However, I was pretty sure we weren't going to make it a full 70 feet like her idol, but we've been growing it out ever since. 

But y'all......oh my gosh it's been a battle.

I bet the best day of Mother Gothel's life was the day Rapunzel learned to brush her own hair and to get the knots out by herself. 

EVERY.SINGLE.DAY its a cry fest and fight over brushing it/fixing it/touching it/looking at it.

It's so bad that anytime she sees a info commercial for the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush on tv, she flips and begs me for one.  She seriously told me the other day that was all she wanted for her birthday.  Y'all, it's that bad.  What three year old asks for a hair brush for their birthday?!?!? A traumatized one that is! 

On top of that, she HATES having her hair up.  If I put it up to get it out of her face, it's back down in less than ten minutes. I understand that she doesn't like having it up and I try really hard not to force it on her and to respect that, but the constant hair in her face DRIVES.ME.CRAZY!!!  

Let's not mention the fact that I'm constantly brushing bits of food out of it.

Yes, the other day I actually brushed bits of an orange out of it.  How the heck do you get oranges stuck in your hair?!?!?

So, a couple of months ago, we sat down and had a heart to heart Mother/Daughter talk.....not all of us can be the blond Rapunzel.  Some of us were made to be more the brown hair Rapunzel and she was at this point in life, a brown hair Rapunzel.

Yes, just call me a dream killer, but in my defense, our sanity was teetering on that edge.

However, we had a dance recital coming up and she really wanted to wear her hair in a bun like her teacher Miss. Kelli, so I told her we'd wait till after the recital and then prayed I'd learn how to do a proper top bun.

Well, we got through the recital and I successfully got her hair in a top bun.  Yes, there were tears from both parties 2 out of 3 operation top bun sessions.

Earlier this week, I causally brought up the conversation of getting her hair cut off.  I was surprised that she immediately said "yes, I want it short!"

I was even kinda disappointed because I had already mentally prepared myself to battle over it, but she didn't even give me an ounce of a fight.

I waited the rest of the week and we talked about it every day.  I seriously asked her at least twenty times a day if she was sure she wanted it short because I do not want to have to be paying for therapy in a few years for crushing her Rapunzel dreams.

She held her ground and didn't once wavier about the decision. 

So, you better believe first thing this morning we were waiting for the salon to open to cut it off.



Baby girl, you make a beautiful brown hair Rapunzel! Way to be one of the brave ones!!! : )


Tristan said…
awwwwwww!! how precious is she!!!!!!

t-as hair is to the middle of her back..lol.but it is so curly you'd never know!!! atleast she has straight hair..lol..detangler is our very best friend too!!!
Anonymous said…
Perfect cut for her!
Love it ♥
Amy K.
Cunz Family said…
I couldn't have said it better myself. (says the women who does have a Rapunzel hair daughter, and finally got her a haircut)

I put Annella on my sink and let her play in the water, as I brush and style her hair. It distracts her long enough for me to throw a few braids in.

Her hair is cute short :)

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