A busy weekend, but a quiet Monday.

We had a busy weekend that was filled with graduation festivities. 

My cousin Kyndall was graduating from a college in south Georgia, so on Friday afternoon, the family headed three hours south to watch her walk across the stage.

We headed down there with my dad (David had to work of course) and  when we walked into our fourth floor hotel room, Olivia ran to the window and exclaimed "I can see the whole world from here and palm trees!!!"  Seriously the cutest moment of the weekend.

However, the weekend was about this girl...

 (stolen fb pic)

I cannot tell you how proud we are of this girl. She has busted her butt over the past four years.  She was on the deans list for four straight years and Saturday she graduated magna cum laude from the Speech Language Pathology program. She walked across the stage on Saturday with her bachelor's degree and seriously starts her masters program this Thursday.  On top of being a smart girl, she's also one of the sweetest.  At her graduation party on Sunday, she thanked all of us at least twenty times for dedicating our whole weekend to her.  Needless to say, we were all happy to dedicate our whole weekend to her.  No one else deserved it more. 

I posted on Instagram that ironically, I was pregnant at her high school graduation with Olivia.



Okay, I'm about to admit that I had to do something totally vain and repost a pic of me on Sunday.  I got a couple of "you popped" comments over the weekend and I realized that this dress made me look much bigger than I am at the moment. 

This is a more accurate bump picture from Sunday before church in all non-maternity clothes.  

Obviously, maxi dresses are not necessarily a pregnant girls best friend. 

After a busy weekend, our Monday has been pretty quiet. 


David's car was having some trouble over the weekend and cannot be fixed till Tuesday, so he has my car for the day and we've been stuck at home car-less. Normally it's one of those little things that would bug me, however,  it has worked out well that we've been kinda stuck at home all day.  We've been having a "recovery" day from our busy weekend.

NPR has been on the radio all day, I've been planning and dreaming of our school year next year, while Olivia has alternated between playing with her babies and watching Sprout.  We also threw in a game of chutes & ladders, did some reading, and worked a little on Amelia's room this morning. 

It's four pm and it's safe to say I'm not getting dressed for the day.  For the record however, teeth have been brushed and faces washed. 

And the weather is helping with our "recovery" day. 

It seems like we've had the craziest weather lately.  It is never this "cool" in May and we're usually slowly venturing into the pool by this time a year.   I know we've needed it, but I'm ready for the rain to end and the warm weather to stay around.  I'm ready for swimming to take up most of our days. 

Although she seems content with washing windows. 


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