This week.

My week has been thrown off and it's all Dave's fault.  Instead of being off his usual Monday/Tusday, Dave was off Tuesday/Wednesday, so I'm totally thrown.  I'm a creature of habit.

I seriously woke up this morning thinking about what we had to get done today and thinking it was gymnastics night, when we just went to gymnastics a mere eleven hours before. 

Maybe that's more of a result of sleeping on the couch. 

I've been sleeping so well lately and then last night the streak was over.  We went to bed around 11 and I woke up at 11:30 wide awake.  After laying there till 1am, I moved to the couch and watched Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel.  At some point I fell asleep and when Dave left for work at 5am, he woke me up to move me to our bed.  I'm partly placing blame on my MIL because she asked yesterday "how have you've been sleeping?"  Or maybe it's partly to blame for that 1/2 price frappe the husband went and got us at 5pm.  Yeah, that was a smart idea.

Yes, I'm slowly adding caffeine in the form of coffee back into my life. I think it makes me a nicer person and let's be honest, I'm in the third trimester, so I deserve some kind of vice considering my first vice of choice is still off limits.

I know, I'm so exciting this week.

(her pose of choice)

However, tonight is not gymnastics, it's dance night.  Next week is our last week of dance till fall and I'm kinda sad about it.  She loves it and for a three year old, actually kinda good.  I promise I'm not being one of those annoying moms, those who know me in non internet life will tell you I'll be the first to claim that Olivia was not the prettiest baby.  So, I promise I am not one of those parents, but after a couple of parent watch nights, I can confidently say my three year old is one of the best in the class.  Keeping in mind this is three year old ballet....I'm not talking best as in the Russian Ballet will be calling us soon.  The mere fact she can follow the teachers instructions and stand on her star shoots her to the top of the class.  And for the record...because I pray that none of those moms read my blog....some of those kids in there are straight up weird.  Weird as in Dave and I were scared by them.  Some of those parents should be concerned...seriously.

Side note: I cleaned out the pantry last night and my child just opened the pantry door and exclaimed "What happened to our food! We need some food!!!"  The sad part is we have plenty of food in there for us to eat, we just had that much old food that needed to be thrown away.  I might or might not have thrown away a bag of powdered sugar that I bought to use at Olivia's first birthday.  I might have also thrown away a few bottles of different spices that had an expiration date from 2010 on them.  Obviously, I should clean out the pantry more than once every three years.

Speaking of cleaning...the nesting bug has officially hit.  Last night at 9:30pm I felt the need to spray paint a few items that I've had sitting around for years.  I may have got a few odd looks from my neighbor who was taking her dog out one last time for the evening.  I was also hanging pictures in Olivia's room at 10pm.  She may have been up helping me.  Mom of the year, right here.

Oh, and did I mention that we have friends whom we haven't seen in almost two years and who have never been to our home coming over Saturday to hang out....that may have a little something to do with my nesting kicking in also.  Nothing like new company coming over to get your butt in gear to actually do something with your home....kinda like clean it.

Now that I think about it, my husband may have invited them over just because he knew it would get me to clean the house. 

He's a cleaver one that Dave. 

No wonder his employees call him a ninja.


Elizabeth said…
I love this bottom picture so much!
Tristan said…
she looks so big!! she's so pretty!!!

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