The parenting moments I live for.

The past few weeks have been rough parenting weeks.

I'll be the first to admit that it's been my fault.

I've been tired, kinda depressed, and just over everything in general.  To be completely honest, I was just not really feeling like being a parent.  Yeah, I said it.  

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has woken up and had days that they just didn't feel like putting forth the effort parenting wise.

Someone? Anyone?

However, it was all starting to catch up with us and last week seemed to be the one in which it all came to head.  As the only way I could describe it on Instagram "the s**t hit the fan" one night.  To sum things up, at one point during the week, Olivia was screaming how she "hated Amelia and would never love her," while I sat there bawling and my poor husband just sat there looking like he was about to be in tears too.

As I said last week, it hurts to hear your three year old say those kinds of things and hurts worse to know you're the cause of them.

And yes, I knew she'd have this kind of reaction at some point and time.  However, I at least thought it would be after Amelia showed her face.

After that night, I was determined to not let our last few weeks of "just us"continue down this path.  I was trying to get my own attitude under control and trying to rein hers back in, but honestly, I was just feeling defeated.

But then, a new week dawns and with it comes moment after moment in which my child steals my heart all over again. 

And shows me that I'm not totally screwing her up...just yet at least. 


The moments that remind me that I can do this parenting thing and we're going to make another day. 

Moments that remind me it's not going to be easy, but so worth the wild.


Tristan said…
bless your heart!!

ya know..she's just gearing up for all those "sister fight" ;)

hope things keep improving for you!

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