My Little Ballerina.

Y'all, I'm sorry.  I kinda forgot I had a blog this week.  We have been crazy busy for us and yesterday was the first day in over a week I didn't have to get out of my pajamas which is a big deal for us, so I took full advantage of it and didn't do squat.  Well, I did put on my swimsuit for an hour or two. 

Judge me all you want.


It was an exciting weekend at our house.

My girl made her stage debut.

And I must say, she was a star.

She was that kid that stopped and waved every twenty seconds during the performance.

 (picture curtsey of my fellow dance mom & friend Rebecca)

I was worried before hand that I would cry during the performance, because I'm a crier and seeing my little girl growing up can always bring me to tears.  I did cry, however, I cried because I was laughing so hard at her. She had everyone laughing.

It was so cute that we even ended up ordering a DVD of the recital.   We're suckers like that.

And I can't forget my other girl Josie...

It was fun to see how far she's come since her first year of dance when she was just Olivia's age. 

Both the girls did awesome and it was so fun to see them performing at the same recital.  We now live a little bit of ways from the dance studio and I've been debating about moving her to a new studio closer to where we live, but getting to watch the girls dance together almost makes me want to keep driving.

Love these two!

Thank you to everyone who came out to watch her.  We may have had a crowd, but it made her day to have all her favorite people there!

I cannot lie, I hope this it the first of many more recitals!


Tristan said…
OH MY what sweetness!!!!!

it is sooo bittersweet with them getting older. soooooo bittersweet!
Anonymous said…
I can remember watching Miss Kelli as a snow flurry in the Nutcracker around this age. Seems like only a couple years ago! What a cutie Olivia is ♥
Amy K.

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