First Day~May 2013

It's first day! 

I cannot believe its May already.  April flew by it feels like.  Our May is super busy, so I'm hoping it flies by just as fast.  Yes, I may be a little anxious to get these next few months over with.  

Here's a peek into our first day of May in crappy cell phone pics....


 Clean sheets day...can you tell purple is our color of the moment?

Nap time...aka Olivia in her room taking all the pictures off her walls! : )

Talking and pacing...our families will laugh at this one. 

At this point they headed to gymnastics and I went to walk with the MIL.  The husband didn't snap a pic at gymnastics....blogger husband fail.  After four and a half years, he should know better by now!

It was a good one.

Head over to Nicole's to see what everyone else was up to yesterday!


Cunz Family said…
In the 3rd picture, I didn't know they still made brushes like that. I remember having one of those in junior high!

Also, I see your water inspired me to drink some water yesterday after reading your water post. Not nearly what I should be drinking, but it was a start :)

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