I can't sleep.

I'm going on four hours of sleep and since about 4am this morning, I've spent a good two hours typing a brutally honest post about some feelings I've been struggling with lately.

Most of it stems from my instagram picture on Wednesday morning.  Which by the way, I want to say thank you for those who sent encouragement my way that morning. 

However, after putting my feelings into words, I can't seem to hit the publish button.  The older and wiser (I hope at least) I get, I'm learning that somethings are better to keep private and at the moment, the feelings I've been struggling with are one of them. 

Or at least keep private between me and my two best friends.  Those ladies know who they are and as always, have loved me instead of judging me even after I've shared my heart. 

There once was a time I didn't cherish the girl friends in my life.  They always played second fiddle or heck, maybe even third or fourth....however, the older I get, the more and more I love them and cannot live without them.  I need them just as much (and some days even more) than I need David and Olivia. And I'm not talking about friends who are girls that you see on occasion when you have time or give a quick "how you doing?" on facebook, I'm talking about the girl friends who you talk to day in and day out.  Those who know more of whats going on in your life than your family really does.  Those who you sometimes call first before you even call your husband or your mom when the poop hits the fan...if you know what I mean.  These days, I honestly feel sorry (in a truly sympathetic way) for women who don't have at least one girlfriend like that of their own.  Seriously, if you do not have one....go find one...now.

Anyways, off my tangent....

One day I may share with the rest of the world what's been going on, but to be honest, I'm not quite ready for the judgement to come from it just yet.

Olivia and I are packing up this morning and heading down to South Georgia to attend my cousins college graduation.  She's worked so very hard these past four years and graduating with honors, so we are super proud of her and excited to spend the weekend celebrating her accomplishments. 

And we're excited to be staying in a hotel with an "inside pool!"  I'm sure it's already 80 degrees down there, but to a kid, there is something extra special about a "inside pool."  Thankfully Grandpa is traveling with us so I may be saved from pool duty.  Which reminds me, I need to call to remind him to bring a bathing suit.

This isn't really the post I had originally planned, so its now turned into just a "have a great weekend" kinda of one. 

So, have a great weekend! : )


Cunz Family said…
Being a Northerner, I find the "inside pool" comment hilarious.
Tristan said…
yes..yay for good girlfriends!!!

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