The Marriage Bed: 7 Years late

I posted it on Instagram yesterday evening, but something exciting happened in our household yesterday.

For the first time in seven years of marriage, we have a headboard and a footboard.

A few months ago, I told David I already knew what I wanted for  a Mother's Day/Anniversary gift....I wanted a certain bed frame from Ikea for our bed. 

And I had to have it before Amelia came!!!

Every other bed in our house has a bed frame but ours and it has been driving me crazy for years now.

I've decided that married couples are one way or the other.  Either they take care of the Master bedroom first thing after the wedding day or they wait ten years and three kids later.  Obviously we were in the later group...minus a kid and a few years.

My advice is to any young couple is to take care of it before kids, if not, I promise you will always find others things to spend the money on.

The truth is that we actually have had a bed frame on a few occasions throughout our marriage. When we first got married, we slept on a queen sized bed from David's childhood.  Only problem was a queen sized bed.  On our one year anniversary we bought ourselves a king sized mattress, but we could only afford the mattress.  So the bed rested on bed rails.  Over the years, I've pinned for a fancy frame, but we either never had the money or when we did, it always went to something more important.  Every so often, we'd move the queen sized bed back into our room, so I could have a legit bed frame, but we just couldn't sleep well on a queen sized bed and after a short time, move the king sized back in.  Plus, add in the fact we at least a couple nights a week have a little person crawling into bed with us at night, we need the space of a king sized bed.

If the bed looks familiar to some, yes, we also own the full sized version of this particular bed frame.  Last year we bought the full sized version for Olivia's big girl bed, I'm in love with it, but she doesn't like it.  After months of going back and forth, she's sleeping on a daybed we got from her Nana.  The full sized version is currently in the nursery serving as a guest bed/middle of the night feeding bed. When Olivia was first born, I slept in our guest room for the first few months so her multiple wakes during the night wouldn't bother Dave who had to be up at 5am to get to be at work.  I've always said that if we ever had another newborn, I would put a bed along with a crib in there to make things easier so I don't have to get up and walk across the house five times a night.

So, there is a little sneak peek of Amelia's nursery.  Which can we talk about for a second???  I have a friend who has been hounding me for months now about her nursery and can I be honest, I've had no motivation to do anything about it.  Which is completely opposite from baby #1. By this far along with Olivia, her nursery was completed and waiting ready for her to come home to.  This go round...."Ummm.....I'll get to it one day." It's funny how you learn that the baby won't hate you for life if don't have a completely decked out nursery when they walk in/carried in from the hospital.  In fact, three years later, I think Olivia could still really care less.

And poor Amelia....I'm being extremely frugal. I've so far spent a whopping $40 on her nursery.  Pretty much everything in her room is from another room in our house.  I have a few other things I need to get and we have some furniture to paint, but when its all said and done, her nursery will be done for under $75.  Yes, I may have told David I'd rather spend the money on our bedroom than hers.

 I promise though we love you my second child.

Back to our bed.....I decided that since Olivia wasn't going to love the bed I picked out for her, I was going to get one of my own to love.  Even though its a little girlie, the husband agreed.  He is going to be in a house full of females, so he might as well get used to it. 

Last night crawling into bed, I was honestly giddy.  I told Dave that "two kids and mortgage didn't do it for me, but I now officially feel grown up." 

Side note: A few people have asked about my instagram and you can find me at anmabrey.  I am set to private, but just send me a request and I'll approve you if you don't look too crazy.


Tristan said…
adore it!!!
seriously..our room situations right now are so silly. I will be so glad when we build on and we can have a nice bed like
Love it!! Im stiil Boeing to bug you about tuhat nursery and her clothes! ;)
Cunz Family said…
In our first house we purchased, we slept on Ryans old full size bed, with a camo deer comforter and no head or foot board. That lasted a few months before I said we needed a new bed, so we bought a queen size bed with head and foot board. I loved the bed, to find out a few years later Ryan never did because it was to soft. So when we bought this house a year ago, we sprung for the whole bedroom set, king size bed, dressers, night stands, the whole shebang. I'm so happy we did, I love our bedroom set, and it will last us until we die because we spent a small fortune on it.

As for the nursery. My almost 6 year old still doesn't care what his room is decorated like, so I'm not at all stressing what a baby room will be decorated like. In fact, as I mentioned in the post before. If we have a girl, we're not even changing anything. If we have a boy, all I'm changing out is the crib bedding, which I already got for free from someone who's son grew out of a crib. Bam. Nursery done. For free. Don't stress the small stuff :)

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