I'm raising a hoarder and married a good man.

I should confess, I use to be a borderline hoarder.  I would keep anything and everything.  My thoughts reasoning was always "what if we need it one day? I'm just trying to save money so we don't have to re-buy it."  It would drive my husband crazy.

 However, last summer we put our house up for sale and it hit me....I'm going to have to eventually move all this junk.  So, I became a purger over night and I started to get rid of everything.  

There are so many reasons I'm happy we moved, but one of them is that I was forced to get rid of even more stuff after the move.  We cut our square footage over half, so I had no choice.  We just don't have the space to keep much of anything.  Now nothing is safe...I will get rid of anything and everything.  I love living in a smaller space though.  We have already sworn we will never live in anything as big as our last house again.  We're small space people for life now.

However....my three year old does not feel the same way.

She has no problem taking mommy or daddy's stuff to the trash or to Goodwill, but take her stuff and its a throw down. 


Worst of all, she's a paper hoarder.

 These are her projects/school work from the last few months.  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I try to throw something away, she notices somethings missing. 

A couple of weeks ago during nap time, I finally got brave enough to throw away a Valentine Day card she got from the grandparents. In my defense, it had been sitting in a stack of papers for weeks by then.

I guess I didn't hide it far enough down in the trash can and not even twenty minutes afterwards, she saw it in the trash can.

Cue the drama.

She was in shock her card was in the trash and started demanding to know who put it there.

"I think Daddy threw it away.  I'm sure it was an accident."

Now should be a good time to state that he had left for work at 6am that morning and was no where near the scene of the crime when it went down.

Yes, I totally threw my husband under the bus for something he did not even do.

I thought she'd get over it and move on, but she then proceeded for the next three hours talk about how mad she was at him throwing away her Valentine Card.

So, I had to call him and admit to what I did and like any good respectable adult, I begged him to take the fall for me. 

Weeks later, she's still bringing it up and he's still taking the blame. 

He may only leave one oreo in the package or eat me if we get lost going West, but he's still a good man.


Anonymous said…
Hysterical! I love that you are a Mexican Drug Lord:)I am a paper hoarder, also! So bring your smuggling self over anytime and throw away my stuff ♥
Amy K.

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