Pure perfection.

This past weekend was pure perfection.

David was finishing up his first week of vacation for the year, so he was actually off on a real weekend! This only happens three times a year when he's on vacation.  Ninety nine percent of the time, it doesn't bother me at all that we don't have "real weekends," but when he is off on an actual weekend, it just feels right.

The weather was about as perfect as it gets around here for this time of year.

We had sunny skies and temps in the 70's all weekend long.

The best part was, we had absolutely no plans.


 We spent most of it outside soaking up the sun and just being together.

Olivia got plenty of play time in with Nana and Papaw, so she was a happy camper. 

While the guys took Olivia fishing in the creek behind our house, Nana and I went off Saturday afternoon to check out carseats and strollers.  Of course, we finally broke down and bought something for Amelia Jane.  A couple of years ago, I cleaned out Olivia's clothes and got rid of most of her size 0-24 months clothes.  Not sure why, but at the time it seemed like a good idea.  So, we started to rectify that problem and Amelia's wardrobe got a major boost in under two hours.

Can I say I had forgotten how sweet and tiny newborn onsies are?  I love a onesie and honestly think they are my favorite part of babyhood.  So much so, I wish I could still shove Livi in them. 

 Oh yeah, there was one dark moment...I might have had a total meltdown on my MIL over my phone while out shopping on Saturday afternoon.  I pulled my phone out of my purse to show something  her and when I looked at the screen, the little red slider button to turn it off was up.  It wouldn't let me cancel it out so I slide the button thinking it would turn it off and I'd just reset it.  Well, I did that and after 20 minutes of trying to get it back on, NOTHING.....total blank.  I totally freaked out and may or may not at one point have yelled at my MIL "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, THIS IS MY PHONE!!!!"

 Let's just say it was not one of my finer moments in life.

Thankfully, she took my hormonal pregnant self straight to the Verizon store and after the tech guy hit a magic button, it automatically turned back on and all was well with my world again.

God bless that lady.

Overall though, it was one heck of a weekend.  I wish every weekend could be that good.....minus the phone meltdowns.

Grandma is here for the next few days, so I'm pretty sure we'll be having a good week! 

Happy Monday! : )


Tristan said…
aw! yay for perfect weekends!!!

omg..she will be so sweet in those clothes!
Cunz Family said…
I just sent you a message on FB regarding clothes...it probably went to your "other" folder in your message inbox :)
Kameron said…
I do not miss pregnancy hormones!lol Glad it worked out with your phone. I missedthe post where you announced you were having a girl!! Congrats and I can't wait to "meet" her. :)
Jennifer said…
Oh I missed the gender announcement - another girl! How fun! (o: I'm a sucker for sleepers - you wouldn't believe how many I have!

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