It's a....


It was confirmed this morning that it is indeed another baby girl. 

 Amelia Jane

 And yes, we're excited about it being another girl!!!
The doctor said all my test came back normal and everything looked great. We did get a little scare because of the position of the baby, they could not get a good picture of her heart and did not release me just yet.  They do not feel anything is wrong, but of course, I freaked out.  I called the doctor back after my appointment just for some reassurance, and after waiting all afternoon to hear back from her, she reassured me she's not saying anything is wrong or that she's concerned about anything, she just wanted to get a good picture of it, so I go back in April for another ultrasound.

So, sorry it took me so long to share with everyone.  I kinda had to get myself back together. 

Her name was the next on the list from our pregnancy with Olivia.  I am kinda bummed because we've heard of three other Amelia's being born since we found out we were pregnant, but I won when settling on Olivia, so this one went to Dave. He was set on Amelia no matter what I threw out to him.  I told him I didn't want her to be in a class full of Amelia's and he got me with "she won't, she'll be the only one since we want to homeschool."  Point taken.  However, after referring to her by her name (in private) for the past seven weeks, it feels like its perfect. Just like it did with Olivia.

Glad its finally all in the open. It's been a long seven weeks.


Lanie Beth said…
Congrats and I love the name!!!
Cunz Family said…
Congrats on another girl :) I hate keeping secrets too!
Tristan said…
the girls' names go perfectly together! so pretty!! my bff is having an amelia in april...its getting popular like olivia..because you have good taste! congrats on another girl,soooo happy for ya'll!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful name ♥
So happy for you all!
Amy K.

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