We will not be traveling west together.

The other night, the hubs and I were settled on the couch watching a PBS documentary about the Donner Party.

Yes, that's how we roll at the Mabrey household.

Just in case you are not familiar with who the Donner Party is.....they were a group of families that traveled west in the 1840's. They got sidetracked and lost on the journey, got stuck in a huge snow storm, and majority of the party members died. The big deal about the whole story was that it later came out that several members ate members who had died, in order to survive.

While watching this documentary, the hubs remarks "I don't see why they are making such a big deal of this.....I mean they were dead and the others were hungry....."

I explained that I thought maybe it was a big deal because they were faced with eating several of their family members and I mean, not only are you going through this already traumatic series of events, but you're given the choice of eating your family members in order to try to survive. Seems kinda a big deal to me.

Then I just had to ask that question....

"Think about it...if I had died before you, would you have eaten me?"

His immediate/not one hint of hesitation response "Of course, I want to survive."

"What about Olivia, would you eat her?"

"Well........mmmmm (pauses a few good seconds), that's a hard one. Probably not."

Well, we can all see where I stand in this family.

If we ever travel west, I will be riding in a different wagon.

I swear he loves me.


Tristan said…
oh my gosh..lol.
well..he needed to eat you to take care of the kiddos!
Anonymous said…
OMG!!!! That is hysterical!!!
Amy K.
The Edberg's said…
That is to funny. I imagine Tony would say the same about us.

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